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Tryndamere, known as the Barbarian King, hails from the Freljord, a harsh and frozen region. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for vengeance, Tryndamere's story is of raw survival and unending rage. As a young warrior, his tribe was annihilated by a dark figure, leaving him on the brink of death. Empowered by a newfound, mysterious rage, he survived and vowed to hunt down the one responsible. This undying fury, combined with his brutal combat skills, makes Tryndamere a fearsome force on the battlefield. When you embark on your journey, mmowow can lend a helping hand when you need help.

Hero Role and Positioning

In League of Legends, Tryndamere is primarily played in the top lane, but he can also be a viable jungler. His role is that of a melee fighter and assassin, excelling in split-pushing and dueling.


Passive - Battle Fury

Tryndamere gains 5 Fury for each attack, 10 for critical strikes, and 10 extra for kills. Fury increases his critical strike chance.
Q - Bloodlust

Active: Heals Tryndamere based on his missing health.
Passive: Grants increased attack damage based on his missing health.
W - Mocking Shout

Reduces the attack damage of nearby enemies and slows those facing away from him.
E - Spinning Slash

Tryndamere dashes through enemies, dealing physical damage. His critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Spinning Slash.
R - Undying Rage

Tryndamere becomes immune to death for 5 seconds, instantly gaining Fury.
Skill Max Order

Max E (Spinning Slash) first for increased mobility and damage.
Max Q (Bloodlust) second for sustain and damage boost.
Max W (Mocking Shout) last, putting points into R (Undying Rage) whenever possible.

Primary Path: Precision

Keystone: Lethal Tempo – Increases attack speed for extended combat.
Triumph – Restores health on kills and assists.
Legend: Alacrity – Grants attack speed.
Last Stand – Increased damage when low on health.
Secondary Path: Domination

Sudden Impact – Bonus lethality and magic penetration after using Spinning Slash.
Ravenous Hunter – Provides healing from abilities.
Stat Runes:

Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
Item Build

Core Items:

Kraken Slayer – Provides true damage on every third attack, excellent for shredding tanks.
Navori Quickblades – Reduces ability cooldowns on crits, perfect for spamming Spinning Slash.
Infinity Edge – Maximizes critical strike damage.
Situational Items:

Guardian Angel – Revive upon death, great for late-game survivability.
Mortal Reminder – Anti-heal and armor penetration.
Phantom Dancer – Extra attack speed and movement speed.
Mercurial Scimitar – Removes crowd control effects.
Gameplay Strategy

Early Game:

Farm and Sustain: Focus on farming and use Bloodlust to sustain.
Harass with E: Utilize Spinning Slash to harass enemies and escape if needed.
Trade Wisely: Use Mocking Shout to reduce enemy damage during trades.
Mid Game:

Split Pushing: Leverage Tryndamere's dueling power to split-push and apply pressure on lanes.
Objective Control: With high damage output, secure dragons and Rift Herald.
Catch Isolated Targets: Use Spinning Slash for quick engagements and pick off isolated enemies.
Late Game:

Team Fight: Engage fights carefully, using Undying Rage to survive burst damage and secure kills.
Backline Access: Flank or dive the enemy backline to eliminate squishy targets.
Split Push Continuously: Create map pressure by consistently pushing lanes, forcing enemies to respond.
Combos and Tips

Basic Engage Combo:

E > AA > W > AA > Q
Use Spinning Slash to engage, auto-attack, Mocking Shout to slow, and auto-attack again. Use Bloodlust if low on health.
All-In Combo:

W > E > R > AA > Q
Slow the enemy, engage with Spinning Slash, activate Undying Rage to survive burst, auto-attack, and heal with Bloodlust.
Team Composition

Strong Engaging Team:

Pair with champions like Malphite, Leona, or Amumu for strong engagement and CC to allow Tryndamere to dive freely.
Scaling/Development Team:

Champions like Veigar, Kayle, or Nasus scale well into the late game, where Tryndamere’s split-pushing and dueling can shine.
Duelist/Personal Skill Focus:

Combine with champions like Fiora, Yasuo, or Irelia for a team focused on individual skill expression and dueling prowess.

Tryndamere vs. Teemo: A Comprehensive Guide
Early Game Strategy

Facing Teemo in the early game can be challenging for Tryndamere due to Teemo’s poke and blind abilities. Here are some strategies to handle the matchup:

Farm Safely:

Focus on last-hitting minions with your basic attacks. Use Bloodlust (Q) to any damage taken from Teemo's poke.
Avoid taking unnecessary damage from Teemo's Poison Dart (E) and Blinding Dart (Q). Position yourself behind minions to minimize poke.
Engage Wisely:

Use Spinning Slash (E) to close the gap quickly when Teemo is within reach, but don’t overcommit unless you are sure you can secure the kill or force him to retreat.
If Teemo uses Blinding Dart (Q), try to disengage with Spinning Slash (E) and wait for the blind effect to wear off before re-engaging.

Maximize the use of Bloodlust (Q) to sustain in lane. Keeping your health up is crucial to avoid getting poked out of the lane.
Mid Game Strategy

As you transition to the mid-game, your strategy against Teemo should evolve:

Split Pushing:

Utilize Tryndamere’s exceptional split-pushing ability to pressure Teemo’s lane. Use Spinning Slash (E) to quickly clear waves and Mocking Shout (W) to deter Teemo from engaging.
Map Awareness:

Be mindful of Teemo's Mushrooms (R) placed around the map. Purchase a Sweeper Lens or Control Wards to clear them and avoid taking unnecessary damage.

By this stage, you should have items like Kraken Slayer or Galeforce that significantly boost your damage output. Use these power spikes to your advantage in duels with Teemo. Engage with Spinning Slash (E), follow up with auto-attacks, and use Undying Rage (R) to avoid dying in close fights. However, when some players choose to further explore and become familiar with a certain hero, some players will choose lol accounts.
Late Game Strategy

In the late game, team fights become more frequent, and your role may shift:

Target Selection:

In team fights, look for opportunities to dive the backline and eliminate squishy targets. Use Spinning Slash (E) to close the distance and Mocking Shout (W) to reduce their damage output.

Undying Rage (R) is crucial in late-game skirmishes. Time it well to ensure you can dish out maximum damage without dying, and coordinate with your team to follow up on your initiation.
Split Push Pressure:

Continue to apply split-push pressure when team fighting isn't favorable. This forces the enemy team to respond, opening up opportunities for your team to take objectives.
Team Fight Execution

When engaging with different types of enemy champions, your approach should vary:

Against Tanky Teams:

Focus on flanking and targeting the enemy backline. Use your mobility to bypass the front line and wreak havoc among the squishier targets.
Against High Burst Teams:

Engage after the initial burst has been used. Use Undying Rage (R) to survive their burst and counter-attack once their cooldowns are down.
Against Kite/Disengage Teams:

Use your mobility and Galeforce to close the distance quickly. Be patient and look for overextensions or mispositions from the enemy.
Why Tryndamere is a Popular Choice

Tryndamere's popularity stems from several factors:

High Damage Output:

His ability to deal massive damage with critical strikes makes him a formidable duelist.

Bloodlust (Q) provides great sustain in the lane and during extended fights.

Spinning Slash (E) offers significant mobility, allowing Tryndamere to engage, disengage, and reposition quickly.

Undying Rage (R) allows him to survive fatal damage for a few seconds, turning the tides of battle.
Strengths and Weaknesses


Strong Dueling: Excellent in 1v1 scenarios.
Sustain: Good healing and sustain with Bloodlust (Q).
Split-pushing: High damage to turrets and wave clear.
Ultimate: Undying Rage (R) provides survivability in clutch moments.

Kiting: Susceptible to being kited by ranged champions.
Crowd Control: Vulnerable to CC effects that prevent him from dealing damage.
Early Game: Can struggle against strong poke or heavy CC in the early game.
Practical Tips for Gameplay

Farm Efficiently:

Focus on last-hitting and avoid taking unnecessary trades early on.
Use Mobility:

Spinning Slash (E) is your primary tool for mobility. Use it wisely to engage, escape, or reposition.
Ward and Clear:

Invest in vision to avoid ganks and clear enemy wards with a Sweeper Lens.
Timing of R:

Properly timing Undying Rage (R) can turn losing fights into winning ones. Practice timing it to maximize its effectiveness.

Mastering Tryndamere requires understanding his strengths in dueling, split-pushing, and surviving with his ultimate. His high damage output, sustain, and mobility make him a popular and effective champion in the top lane. By following the strategies and tips outlined, players can improve their performance with Tryndamere and leverage their strengths to dominate their opponents. Whether you're dueling a Teemo or diving into a team fight, the Barbarian King’s rage can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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