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Hello! After trying for over an hour to RuneScape Gold pay for my sister's membership, I'm exhausted. PayPal Payment: I had already made a payment to an additional PayPal account. I attempted to buy an account for my sister using the same account. But, I got a message saying that I could not purchase two memberships simultaneously since my account was not verified.

Verifying your account. I attempted every method to confirm my accounts however, I was informed that my account couldn't be verified. After more than 10 attempts, I finally called my father and he tried again but it did not work. Payouts from other countries. Luxembourg offers everything, except Paypal and Credit Card. My father does not want me to be able to pay with a Credit Card. 

There's no need to join a club. Germany has both sms and phone payments. This was a problem I had in every game I played my whole life. The country I was born in was the reason why I could not buy anything in the majority of the games. As many people in Luxembourg play RuneScape I thought that you could pay by phone, but no.

Game card. Jagex says they carry Game Cards available in their stores, which can be used to get an account number. I visited the US store (Europe store is closed). There were no games cards!! If anyone has any idea of how I could manage to pay, let me know. UltimateGameCard cannot be purchased here.

"...And, with the communication channel reinstated, Azzanadra could talk to Zaros again!" "...And when the communication portal restored Azzanadra can speak to Zaros once more!" You know of course that Zamorak is merely a pretender-god. The mortal has the ability to take on the power of Zamorak, which is not beneficial to Buy RS 3 Gold the balance of power. The new quest, "The Temple at Senntisten" is out, the next in the Mahjarrat storyline. Guess who's returning?

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By Bestmengqin
Added Sep 2 '21



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