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Gurgaon has been on a massive growth and development at an unbelievable pace. In 20 years, it went from being just a small village next to New Delhi to becoming the cosmopolitan hub of the city. The rapid growth in the city has meant a huge demand for commercial and residential projects like the Saan Group Project contributing to some amazing infrastructure and architectural prowess in the city. But all the development has come at the cost of environmental degradation and deforestation. While planting more projects in the city, and giving it an urban touch, Gurgaon lost its relevance in the greenery and nature, it was once known for. 

There is no doubt, with all the recent developments happening in the city, and major businesses setting up their base in Gurgaon, it was inevitable for the city to transform and become the corporate and economic hub it became today driving a vast demand for luxury housing projects like Saan Verdante Sector 95 Gurgaon. And while this progress in the city was a welcome change, it came at a cost of deforestation, and the city losing touch with its sustainability. But slowly those things are starting to change as Residential housing projects like Saan Vedante New Launch are adapted towards eco-friendly practices in their residential areas, slowly giving rise to environmental efforts. While implementing eco-friendly practices does add a beautiful visual appeal to apartments, it also adds some benefits. 

Environmental benefits

When housing societies like Saan Verdante New Launch implement eco-friendly practices, they significantly contribute to reducing strain on the environment. When practices like rainwater harvesting, using renewable energy sources, and water conservation are implemented, they play a huge role in protecting habitat. 

Health Benefits

Green living inspires healthy living as well. When more green landscapes are incorporated around us, then we are less likely to be exposed to harmful chemicals and small steps toward practicing sustainability can improve air and water quality which can be beneficial for our health and eventually promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Cost saving benefits

Adapting to a sustainable lifestyle is pretty cost-effective. This is also one of the reasons why many luxury housing apartments like Saan Verdante Sector 95 Gurgaon are moving towards a trend of sustainable living as it's not just to implement but is also easy on the pocket. These can range from energy-saving appliances to water-conserving mechanisms and many more such practices which play a pivotal role in reducing utility bills and overall expenditures. 

While there is a growing demand for luxury housing projects, there is also a demand for greener and sustainable properties. Not just because of the aesthetic appeal it adds but also contributes to the appreciation of the property over the years and the industry has also been leaning towards the energy-efficient environment in its effort to reduce carbon footprint for a healthier tomorrow. 

Understanding this growing demand, the Saan Group Project allocates 85% of its land to build a green landscape around the housing apartment which not only adds to the beauty of their residential project but also contributes to the environment. 

While we are on the right track towards implementing sustainability, there is still more growth and implementations that can be done to add more eco-friendly practices, not just in residential projects but commercial, retail, and other outlets as well. 


Signs of leaning toward sustainability look promising as a lot of residential and commercial projects have been playing their part in contributing to the environment while also adding to the visual beauty of their properties. With such growth, Gurgaon can soon find itself covered in lush greenery like it once was. 

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