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As time progresses and development in the city, has spread, we have witnessed a new era in the city's infrastructure and how it will shape the future. For many years, Dwarka Expressway has been an untapped market as there wasn't any attention given to that part of the area. With issues surrounding the area such as poor sewage system, lack of roads, and lack of schools, this part of the city remained underdeveloped while the whole city was evolving. But with a vision to improve the connectivity across, the city the state government saw its potential and decided to transform the expressway. 

The initial journey of this transformation began when NHAI took control of the Dwarka Expressway back in 2016 and worked on expanding the four-lane all the way to make it an eight-lane road and extending its length to 29 kilometers hence beginning a transformation in the Dwarka Expressway. This development was further enhanced by the introduction of GMDA as they worked on improving the infrastructure, installing water and sewage pipelines, and improving road networks. Local authorities have also played a key role in developing and implementing infra-city road networks to improve overall road connectivity. Now let's understand some of the advantages that have taken place since the improvement of Dwarka expressway. 

1. Benefits for Real estate developers

There has proven to be a great incentive for investors looking to invest in real estate housing projects like DLF Privana West Sector 76. Since the improvements made in Dwarka Expressway, there has been a significant appreciation in properties like DLF Privana Gurgaon. There has been a huge spike of housing projects ranging from Budget to Ultra Luxury homes which adds an overall value to the progress of Dwarka Expressway

2. Infrastructure

The improvements and ease of access to commutes done in Dwarka Expressway have made traveling so much easier and hassle-free than it was some years ago. The road structure overall is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and nearby housing projects such as the DLF Privana Floor plan. 

3. Local Well Being

There are numerous benefits that the local surrounding of Dwarka Expressway has to offer. From ultra luxury Housing projects such as DLF Privana New Launch to having commercial parks and entertainment hubs all nearby. There are also upcoming establishments in the education and healthcare sector which will make this place, an exciting part of the city. 

4. Commutes and connectivity

Dwarka Expressway shines in its prowess of being recognized for its hassle-free commute across the city with its well-built roadway and highway network. Traveling between Dwarka and Gurgaon has completely changed as it is more hassle-free than ever and with wider lanes, the congestion and traffic have reduced significantly. So those owning a house in Dwarka Expressway like DLF Privana West Sector 76 Gurgaon, enjoy the freedom of being able to travel to Delhi seamlessly without having to worry about traffic. 

5. More to be done

Despite the Dwarka Expressway project only being half-established has already made waves around the country because of its seamless connectivity of the city, allowing integration of new commercial and housing developments like DLF Privana Price. And with the project to be further completed. It will implement more housing, commercial, healthcare, and educational developments. 


Dwarka Expressway promises to be an exciting gateway and location to reside in. It boasts of various housing projects such as DLF Privana New Launch, it is becoming a corridor of seamless connectivity, commercial and residential projects, and exciting other developments underway which will make Dwarka Expressway one of the most exciting places in the country to live in. 

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