New Holland 3600-2 TX vs. Farmtrac 45 Ultramaxx: A Comparative Analysis from Seema Jain's blog

When it comes to choosing a tractor for your agricultural needs, understanding the specifications and features of different models is crucial. In this article, we will compare two popular tractors: the New Holland 3600-2 TX and the Farmtrac 45Ultramaxx. Both tractors have distinct features that cater to various farming requirements.

Engine and Power

The New Holland 3600-2 TX boasts an FPT S8000 Series engine with a displacement of 2931 CC and a rated RPM of 2500. It falls under the 49.5 HP category, powered by a 3-cylinder diesel engine. On the other hand, the Farmtrac 45 Ultramaxx is equipped with a 2000 CC engine rated at 2000 RPM, delivering 48 HP through its 3-cylinder diesel engine. While both tractors offer similar power outputs, the engine configurations and RPM ratings differ slightly.

Transmission and Speed

In terms of transmission, the New Holland 3600-2 TX features a fully constant mesh gearbox with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, or optionally 12 forward and 3 reverse gears with a creeper. It can achieve speeds ranging from 1.0 to 34.7 kmph in forward and 1.40 to 15.6 kmph in reverse. On the other hand, the Farmtrac 45 Ultramaxx comes with a synchro shuttle transmission offering 8 forward and 8 reverse gears. Its speed ranges from 2.6 to 29.7 kmph in forward and reverse.

Hydraulics and PTO

Both tractorsare equipped with efficient hydraulic systems. The New Holland 3600-2 TX boasts a hydraulic capacity of 1700 kg, while the Farmtrac 45 Ultramaxx offers an ADDC-1600 hydraulic system. When it comes to Power Take Off (PTO), the New Holland tractor provides a maximum PTO of 45 HP at 540 RPM, whereas the Farmtrac 45 Ultramaxx offers PTO options at 540 and 540 E RPM.

Steering and Brakes

In terms of steering, the New Holland 3600-2 TX offers mechanical or power steering options, providing ease of maneuverability. It features mechanically actuated oil-immersed multi-disc brakes for reliable stopping power. On the other hand, the Farmtrac 45 Ultramaxx comes with balanced power steering for smooth handling and multi-plate oil-immersed brakes for effective braking performance.

Additional Features

The New Holland 3600-2 TX comes with a double clutch and independent PTO lever, providing versatility in operations. It also offers options for 4WD configurations for enhanced traction and performance in challenging terrain. The Farmtrac 45 Ultramaxx, on the other hand, features a mud and water-sealed 4WD front axle and an epicyclic reduction rear axle, ensuring stability and traction in various conditions.


In conclusion, both the New Holland 3600-2 TX and the Farmtrac 45 Ultramaxx are formidable choices for agricultural tasks, each offering unique features and capabilities. The decision between these tractors would depend on specific farming requirements, terrain conditions, and operator preferences. Whether it's power, transmission options, hydraulic capacity, or additional features like 4WD, both tractors excel in their respective ways, catering to the diverse needs of modern agriculture.

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