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Graves, the outlaw gunslinger, brings his explosive firepower to the battlefield of League of Legends. Armed with his trusty shotgun, he excels in close-quarters combat, unleashing devastating bursts of damage on his enemies.

Once a renowned soldier in the military forces of Noxus, Malcolm Graves earned his reputation as a feared outlaw after being betrayed by his former partner, Twisted Fate. Falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit, Graves was imprisoned in the harsh confines of Noxus' dungeons. Upon his release, he sought revenge against those who had wronged him, armed with his trusty shotgun and an unquenchable thirst for justice. Now, as a feared gunslinger, Graves roams the battlefield of the League of Legends, seeking redemption and retribution. When you embark on your journey, mmowow items can lend a helping hand when you need help

Hero Positioning:

Graves is classified as a marksman, but his playstyle leans toward that of a burst-oriented ADC. He excels in short-range engagements, relying on his high burst damage to quickly dispatch enemies. Typically played in the bot lane as an ADC, Graves can also flex to the jungle role due to his versatility.

Skill Overview:

  1. Passive - New Destiny: Graves' basic attacks consume ammo and deal bonus damage in a cone in front of him. After expending all ammo, Graves must reload. Upon reloading, he gains bonus armor and magic resistance for a brief duration.

  2. Q- End of the Line: Graves fires a shell in a straight line, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. After reaching its maximum range or hitting a target, the shell explodes, dealing damage in a cone behind the target.

  3. W- Smoke Screen: Graves tosses a smoke canister at a target location, creating a cloud of smoke that reduces enemy vision and slows enemies caught inside. Additionally, enemies inside the smoke cloud have their sight range reduced and cannot see outside the cloud.

  4. E- Quickdraw: Graves dashes in a target direction, gaining an attack speed boost for several seconds. Damaging enemies with basic attacks reduces the cooldown of Quickdraw.

  5. R(Ultimate) - Collateral Damage: Graves fires an explosive shell in a straight line, damaging all enemies in its path. Enemies struck by the initial explosion take additional damage, while those farther away receive reduced damage.

Gameplay and Skill Point Allocation:

Early Game (Levels 1-6): Focus on last-hitting minions and trading with the enemy laner using basic attacks and End of the Line (Q) for poke. Maximize Q first for increased poke damage and wave clear, followed by E for enhanced mobility and attack speed, and then W for utility and vision control.

Mid Game (Levels 7-11): Roam to other lanes to secure objectives and participate in skirmishes. Utilize Smoke Screen (W) to create opportunities for engagement or escapes, and Collateral Damage (R) to burst down priority targets in team fights or catch fleeing enemies.

Late Game (Levels 12-18): Stick with your team and prioritize objectives such as Baron or Dragon. Position yourself carefully in team fights to maximize damage output with New Destiny (Passive) and Collateral Damage (R) while using Smoke Screen (W) to disrupt enemy positioning and protect your team.

Rune Setup and Analysis:

  1. Primary Runes - Precision:

    • Keystone - Fleet Footwork: Provides sustain and mobility, allowing Graves to stay healthy during skirmishes and kite opponents effectively.
    • Overheal: Grants a shield when healing exceeds maximum health, providing additional survivability in fights.
    • Legend: Bloodline: Grants lifesteal upon stacking, further enhancing Graves' sustain in prolonged engagements.
    • Coup de Grace: Increases damage against low-health targets, synergizing well with Graves' burst-oriented playstyle.
  2. Secondary Runes - Domination:

    • Sudden Impact: Grants bonus lethality and magic penetration after dashing or flashing, enhancing Graves' burst damage potential.
    • Eyeball Collection: Provides bonus adaptive damage for each takedown, scaling with Graves' kills and assists throughout the game.

Item Build and Analysis:

  1. Starting Items: Doran's Blade and Health Potion for sustain in lane.
  2. Core Items:
    • The Collector: Provides critical strike chance, lethality, and an execution effect, amplifying Graves' burst damage and allowing him to finish off low-health targets more effectively.
    • Infinity Edge: Offers critical strike chance and bonus critical strike damage, significantly increasing Graves' damage output.
    • Lord Dominik's Regards: Grants bonus armor penetration, allowing Graves to shred through enemy tanks and high-armor targets.
  3. Situational Items:
    • Guardian Angel: Provides a resurrection effect upon death, allowing Graves to survive longer in team fights and maintain pressure on the enemy team.
    • Mortal Reminder: Offers grievous wounds and armor penetration, reducing enemy healing and increasing Graves' damage against high-health targets.
    • Edge of Night: Grants a spell shield that blocks a single enemy ability, providing additional protection against crowd control or burst damage.

Recommended Team Compositions:

  1. Engage Composition:

    • Top Lane: Tank or initiator with strong engagement potential, such as Malphite or Ornn.
    • Jungle: Initiator or crowd control-focused jungler, such as Amumu or Sejuani.
    • Mid Lane: Control mage or assassin with burst damage, such as Orianna or Zed.
    • Support: Engage or crowd control-oriented support, such as Leona or Alistar.
  2. Protect the Carry Composition:

    • Top Lane: Tank or bruiser with peel potential, such as Maokai or Shen.
    • Jungle: Supportive jungler with utility, such as Ivern or Nunu.
    • Mid Lane: Control mage or utility mage with crowd control, such as Lulu or Orianna.
    • Support: Peel-oriented support with shields and heals, such as Janna or Soraka.
  3. Split-Push Composition:

    • Top Lane: Split-pushing champion with strong dueling potential, such as Fiora or Tryndamere.
    • Jungle: Mobile or skirmish-oriented jungler, such as Hecarim or Lee Sin.
    • Mid Lane: Assassin or control mage with strong wave clear, such as Ekko or Anivia.
    • Support: Roaming or playmaking support, such as Pyke or Bard.


Graves' burst-oriented playstyle and versatile kit make him a formidable force on the battlefield. By mastering his abilities, rune setups, item builds, and gameplay strategies, players can unlock Graves' full potential and dominate their opponents in the bot lane. With his ability to deal high burst damage, control team fights, and secure objectives, Graves is a valuable addition to any team composition and can carry games with his deadly shotgun and unyielding determination.

Facing Lee Sin in Lane:

Early Game: Lee Sin's early game strength lies in his ability to trade efficiently with his Q, Sonic Wave, and follow up with his other abilities. To counter this, maintain your distance from Lee Sin and avoid getting hit by his skills shots. Use your range advantage as Graves to poke him down with auto attacks and Q, End of the Line. Keep an eye on his energy bar and look for opportunities to punish him when it's low.

Mid-Game: Lee Sin excels at roaming and making plays across the map during the mid-game. Keep track of his movements and warn your team if he goes missing from the lane. When facing him in skirmishes or team fights, be prepared to use your Smoke Screen, W, to disrupt his combos and mitigate his damage. Additionally, be wary of his ability to kick key targets into your team with his ultimate, Dragon's Rage.

Late Game: In the late game, Lee Sin's impact can diminish compared to other champions, especially if he falls behind. However, he can still be a threat with his ability to isolate and assassinate squishy targets. Keep an eye on his positioning during team fights and use your mobility with Quickdraw, E, to stay out of his engagement range. Coordinate with your team to focus him down quickly if he tries to dive into your backline.

Facing Gragas in Lane:

Early Game: Gragas poses a threat in the lane with his barrel roll, Q, and body slam, E, combo. To counter this, avoid standing near minions that Gragas can use to barrel you and poke him down with your range advantage. Be wary of his engage potential and use your Quickdraw to dodge his skill shots and create distance if needed.

Mid-Game: During the mid-game, Gragas may look to roam and impact other lanes with his crowd control and displacement abilities. Keep the vision of river entrances and communicate with your team if Gragas goes missing from the lane. When facing him in skirmishes or team fights, be prepared to use your Smoke Screen to disrupt his engagement and protect your team from his ultimate, Explosive Cask.

Late Game: In the late game, Gragas transitions into a tanky disruptor with the ability to engage or peel for his team. Be mindful of his positioning during team fights and use your burst damage to focus down priority targets. Additionally, be prepared to dodge his Explosive Cask with your mobility spells and position yourself carefully to avoid getting caught out by his engagement. But for some players, one of the ways to improve the gaming experience is to find a safe and reliable supplier of league of legends accounts for sale.

Why Graves is Suitable for Players and Popular:

  1. Versatile Playstyle: Graves' kit offers a mix of burst damage, crowd control, and mobility, allowing players to adapt to different situations and playstyles.

  2. High Burst Damage: Graves excels at bursting down squishy targets with his combo of abilities, making him a potent threat in team fights and skirmishes.

  3. Relatively Easy to Learn: Graves' straightforward kit and playstyle make him accessible to players of all skill levels, making him a popular pick in both casual and competitive play.

  4. Strong Dueling Potential: With his high damage output and survivability from his passive, Graves is capable of winning trades and duels against many other champions, especially in the early game.

Tips for Playing Graves Effectively:

  1. Manage Your Ammo: Pay attention to your ammo count and reload at opportune moments to maximize your damage output.

  2. Positioning is Key: Position yourself carefully in team fights to avoid enemy crowd control and maximize your damage with your abilities.

  3. Utilize Quickdraw: Use your E, Quickdraw, both defensively to dodge skill shots and offensively to close the gap on your targets or kite enemies.

  4. Combo Your Abilities: Learn to combo your abilities effectively, such as using your Smoke Screen to set up your Q, End of the Line, for maximum burst damage.

Summary of Graves' Strengths and Weaknesses:


  • High burst damage potential, especially in the early game.
  • Strong dueling potential and survivability with his passive.
  • A versatile playstyle allows for different build paths and playstyles.
  • Relatively easy to learn and pick up for new players.


  • Shorter range compared to other marksmen, making him vulnerable to poke and long-range engagement.
  • Limited crowd control compared to other ADCs.
  • Relatively low utility in team fights compared to other champions like Ashe or Jhin.

In conclusion, Graves offers players a versatile and impactful playstyle with his burst damage and mobility. By understanding his matchups against champions like Lee Sin and Gragas and utilizing his strengths effectively, players can dominate the laning phase and transition into the mid and late game as a formidable force on the Rift. With his accessibility and high skill ceiling, Graves remains a popular pick for players looking to make a mark on the battlefield.

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