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Construction is among the most effective skills to attain the level 99. however this speed comes with an extremely high price. It will cost 100m+ to earn 99. based on the current price of oak planks and other materials and materials, making it an ability for the weak. However, if you're trying to level up some levels or enough money to earn OSRS gold. you'll be able to level quickly and getting the skill cape within a very short amount of time.

Purchase Your House

If you want to buy the house you want, just visit any real estate agency across RuneScape. One I employed was in Varrock located on the east along the road to the to the north to the bank. Talk to the agent, and then purchase the house and you'll be able access your home in the town where it is situated (or through the house Teleport spell). When you've got a house you can construct the rooms you need, which I'll outline as levels increase.

Level 1-19: Crude Wooden Chair

Items required: Saw, Hammer, Planks, Nails

until you reach an upper stage, you'll need to teleport or run to your home and also to the bank to obtain your planks as you are not permitted to utilize an butler of any kind. I utilized the dueling ring to transport to the castle wars stage and then used the tab for my house to reach my home in this stage. You can simply build a parlour and then build and tear down the basic wooden chair until you reach the level 19.

Level 19-22: Oak Chair

Items needed: Oak Planks, Hammer, Saw

Similar to the standard chairs, you'll be building and taking apart your Oak chairs until reaching the 22nd level. There is no need for any nails. You'll only require a hammer, saw and oak planks for building these. At level 20, you will be allowed to employ an employee if you'd prefer not to open a bank account. It is possible to bring note planks in lieu of paying your servant to denote the planks. From then on, you'll want to employ the most skilled service or butler you can find to your needs.

Stage 22-33 Oak Tables

Things Needed Planks of Oak, Hammer, Saw

Now you will move to the dining room, in which you'll be building oak tables up to the level 33. The procedure is identical to that of be building and breaking tables apart. You must ensure that you have the best possible service provider to you save time.

The Levels 33 and 74 are: Oak Larders

Items Required: Saw, Hammer, Planks of Oak

The next step is to enter the kitchen area where you'll be making Oak Larders until level 74. The process is the same as the other areas where you'll be building and taking the larder in pieces. When you reach the 40th level, you will need to hire a butler, who you'll be keeping for a few months as a demon butler is not necessary. The butler will be fast enough and can bring enough items that you'll move around constantly and not require the extra supplies the demon butler will bring. Create these until the level 74 mark, and you'll be going into the Dungeon.

Level 74-99: Oak Dungeon Doors

Items Required: Hammer, Saw, Oak Plank

Once you've reached the level 74 mark, you can start building your Oak Door inside your Dungeon. They require 10 oak planks per which will earn about 200K xp/hour. This is a rapid way to attain the level 99 mark and is extremely cost-effective however if you're trying to reach that level quickly and you have the money it is possible to begin making mahogany tables in your dining area at 52. You can use mahogany instead as oak planks. This can increase the amount of XP/hr however it will cost you more money, and even with the little time that is saved, I wouldn't recommend this approach.

In order to get your butler in the dungeon simply construct the table for dining, then make the bell ring to RuneScape gold for sale. Then, he'll go to the dungeon, where you will be able to get him to take off your planks.

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