There is also a weapon rack inside the Fort from Bestmengqin's blog

There are many behemoths roaming the battlefield as creatures. If you have control over a portion of the battlefield, you are able to control the creatures within the area and then ride them. This is particularly useful for mage and rangers, as they are able to RuneScape Gold combine their melee skills with long distance shots. Stop me if you object, but you can use horses at your home base to speed up. On a horse you cannot make use of melee.

The Fortress: This fort has unique characteristics. It features an armor table that was discussed earlier as well as the kitchen. In the kitchen, you are able to prepare different meals based on the ingredients randomly that spawn in the kitchen. The cooking abilities of your team will determine this. Sea turtles that are raw will be prepared if you have all got 90+ cooking skills. You don’t even have to make cabbage if you have a level of 5 or lower.

There is also a weapon rack inside the Fort. The weapons on the rack are different. A battering barrel or bomb can be used to attack an enemy fort. There are a variety of ballistas, catapults and other tools that could be employed to attack or assist you in your defense outside the fort. It all depends on the way you use the items.

The enemy Base. If you take on the base of your enemy it will grant you an increased chance of attacking it for every area you manage. Each area they control increases the enemy base's defense level. It is possible to destroy the fort of they control all of the battlefield, but this is not an easy task. You can take on an enemy base, and either take out their catapults/ballistas or turn them around to your advantage. Ballistas need to be loaded with ballista ammo that you can get from your base.

Catapults are loaded using rocks found nearby or bombs from the base. You can take on the gates of enemy bases using the battering-ram you have at your base. While attacking the enemy fort, their NPCs will pile upon you. Tower Rangers and Fortress Mages will spawn at your fort and stun you with arrows. Battle Mages who have a lower than half health will use blood barrage. If this happens, be prepared for OSRS Gold For Sale a fight.

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