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One of the spells that run through the classic is vanilla, which has hardly changed. The basic idea is that Blizzard wants to provide a real vanilla experience, but also wants to make changes in meaningful places to improve things. 

Overall, the goal of these changes is the fidelity of the experience, not anything else. For example, there is an OP project in Vanilla, but not many people know about it, so it is not messed up and may be weakened in Classic, because everyone usually knows that it makes everything unbalanced. In addition, at the beginning of the course, they approached the end of Vanilla rather than their starting state is another example. With BCC, Blizzard made more changes to the original version of TBC.

Some changes to the BCC are good choices, and they are the right choices that should be made. For example, allowing paladins of two factions to use the same seal from the beginning is a perfect choice. Although this did not solve the problem of factional imbalance, because it was never caused by one or two things, this is a change that will definitely help. In addition, it is also a wise choice to keep Mount Hyjal in the third stage instead of providing it at the time of release, and it makes sense when considering the difficulty level of the content.

What makes Blizzard more trouble this time is more appearance changes and improvements provided. Appearance changes include items such as lizard mounts, new hearthstone animations, or imps in the ball. Back to TBC, you can get special toys and mounts by use WOW TBC Classic Gold to purchase card packs, and you are lucky enough to receive what you want (not to mention the pets obtained by purchasing the Collector's Edition), if you don't have enough gold, z2u site sell Cheap WoW Classic TBC Gold. Generally speaking, I will not be bothered by the cosmetics that I get directly by purchasing (or purchasing the deluxe version of the game). You can directly buy what you want instead of having to buy tons of packaging in order to have the opportunity to get what you want. However, this also means that more people are riding on their special lizards instead of on Spectral Tigers.

For many people, upgrading to level 58 is quite another matter. To be honest, I have received more complaints than cosmetics. The main complaint about promotion is that players don't actually learn how to play their lessons when they promote, and then become obstacles when they go to dungeons or raids. 

Yes, when you level up, you will be hit by many abilities at the same time, and it may be very vague. In addition, you do not have enough gold coins to purchase all skills, so you may not be able to learn some basic skills. For all these reasons, I would never recommend anyone to promote their first role. However, the professional gameplay at the full level is different from the way they play at leveling. Most players need to learn the full-level game style anyway, even after a slow upgrade. So, to be honest, this is a kind of washing.

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