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We are rapidly approaching the start of the new FIFA season.   See what fans might want to see on the field in FIFA 22 in this article.   For what EA Sports' upcoming game could bring, the possibilities are limitless. Fifa 21 PS5 and Xbox Series X port from the previous year is expected to serve as the foundation for this year's entry.  

A brand new story mode has been introduced.  
When it comes to FIFA, story mode isn't the first thing that comes to mind for most people, but it's something that EA Sports has been focusing on for quite some time.   This three-game series followed Alex Hunter's professional footballing career as he rose to the pinnacle of the sport's elite.   They have since shifted their focus to a similar story for their street football mode, which they have dubbed VOLTA Football, in order to attract more players.   Those who aren't fans of this skill-based mode, such as myself, have been left with nothing, as a result of this change of heart.  

While EA continues to tell the story of VOLTA Football, I would like to see them cater to other players by introducing a created character story mode, similar to 2K's MyCareer mode, in the future.   Even though Career lacks a narrative and has seen only minor changes over the years, it is already possible to play as your own character, also known as a 'Pro.  '

In addition, players could choose where their character transfers, have the option of creating tension within their team (I could annoy Marcos Alonso to the point where he finally leaves Chelsea), or with their rivals, and even enter a scenario in which a controversial situation causes their character's football career to be rebuilt.   If given the proper amount of attention, it has the potential to be very successful and contribute to the long-term development of FIFA.  

The defense system has been overhauled. 
Since its release, FIFA 21 has received a fair amount of negative feedback.   The defending gameplay system has been one of the most frequently voiced points of contention among the critics.   Certainly, it is an area where FIFA 22 could use some improvement.   In my experience, far too many of the tackles that I make result in my opponent regaining possession of the ball rather than my tackler or a teammate.   Despite my best efforts, my midfield does not track back to assist my defense, and experimenting with different tactics does not appear to resolve this strange problem.   The effectiveness of containing attackers has declined in recent years, as defenders have struggled to close down their adversary on numerous occasions.   Some things just don't seem to add up for me, and I'm not a particularly good defender.  

The scoreline of 4-4 is a balanced one, but the recurrence of 4-4s and 5-5s does not create a balanced gameplay experience.   Even though attacking is fun, the same cannot be said for defending.   A rework of the game's gameplay system would be beneficial in order to make it more favourable to users.   In the event that I make an outstanding last-minute tackle, I would like to be recognized and rewarded for it 90% of the time.   My preference is for the ball to be returned to the opponent's striker on a regular basis rather than to me.   More animations, such as three defenders rushing into a line to block a long-range shot, would be appreciated as well as more realistic gameplay.  

Much more responsibility draft mode for FUT darfting
FIFA's most popular game mode is Ultimate Team.   Gathering powerful special cards and competing against one another in a competitive environment allows players to build their dream teams and win prizes. But assembling such groups takes a significant amount of effort.   Players can either purchase players with FIFA 21 Coins or try their luck by opening packs with coins or FIFA Points, also known as microtransactions (the latter option has sparked considerable debate).   A feature known as FUT Draft, on the other hand, allows players to draft a team of players and compete in tournaments with that team.   The catch is that there is a fee involved, and the tournament prizes are, to put it mildly, mediocre in comparison.   On one occasion, I won two out of four matches and came close to breaking even with regard to the value of the pack rewards I received.  

The main attraction of Draft is the opportunity to play with unique cards that are extremely difficult to obtain; however, the lack of reasonable rewards discourages me from participating as much as I would like.   When I have the opportunity, I prefer to save my coins and divert my attention to another feature that provides me with significantly higher rewards.   Because they lost their first match in FIFA 22, draft players should not be penalized by thousands of FIFA Coins.   Their goal should be to break even and then increase their profit with each victory.   In order to maintain the game balance, higher value packs do not always guarantee great rewards.   Drafting should be a pleasurable experience rather than a frustrating one.  

4. Career opportunities online
Taking any team to the top of the league in FIFA's career mode over a 15-year period is one of my favorite features of the game.   One of the most difficult tasks is meeting board objectives while also keeping the team motivated and developing young players.   After years of little change, EA has finally listened to the fans and begun to place a greater emphasis on Career mode, including player training, press conferences, and other activities.   However, there is still a demand for an online version of Career in the market.  

Considering how an online Career mode in FIFA 22 would function is a fascinating thought experiment.   In terms of playing with friends, I would like to see two distinct approaches.   Managing a team in cooperative mode involves two players taking turns making transfers and playing matches while remaining in constant communication with one another.   It is the other that allows up to six or eight players to take control over their respective teams.   In the case of eight players, they could all choose to play for the same Premier League team.   For a 38-game season, I think it would be enjoyable to compete against friends.   Let's say two best friends are competing for the championship on the final day.   Friendships may be destroyed, but online Career would breathe new life into a game mode that has been given new life by the developers and publishers.  

Difficulty of AI testing has been improved
It is possible to be hurt by difficulty spikes.   A game on one difficulty level may become your favorite, only to be destroyed the moment you advance to a higher level of challenge.   Similarly, in FIFA 21, this is the case.   My record on World Class difficulty is 7-0, and the AI has given me very little to work with.   Increased difficulty to Legendary caused me to struggle to even get a shot on goal, and I found myself trailing by three or four goals after a few attempts.   Ideally, every artificial intelligence team would perform like Barcelona under Pep Guardiola.   In the absence of balance, players may become disinterested in the game.   An issue needs to be resolved, and it is currently being worked on.  

In order to begin, each AI team needs to have its own distinct playing style.  .  .  .  It is absurd to see Newport County, a team from England's fourth division, playing exactly the same football as Premier League champions Manchester City.   No matter how difficult the game is, every game should be a unique experience with a unique challenge.   It is possible and desirable to achieve unexpected results, but this should not occur because I was out-skilled and dominated by a team that was significantly worse than my own.   It is not appropriate to be able to drop one difficulty level and then destroy them 8-0.   When it comes to difficulty spikes, EA Sports must exercise caution, or else the experience of playing offline will continue to be frustrating.  

Raised representation for women in football 6
FIFA 16 marked the first time that women's football was featured in a FIFA game franchise.   Female international teams could be selected and played as either solo or with friends in Kick Off and Tournament modes.   It represented a significant advancement in the sport.   Female football has continued to grow in popularity since then, with global viewing figures expected to increase by 360% in the next five years.   A large new broadcasting agreement in the United Kingdom is partly responsible for this.   Despite this, the state of women's football in FIFA 21 is exactly the same as it was five games ago.   It's still only international teams, and you can only play as them in the same modes that they're already available in.   The best-selling sports franchise must be able to reflect the evolution of the sport.  

A significant step forward would be the inclusion of national leagues from multiple countries, such as the Women's Super League in the United Kingdom, in FIFA 22, as well as the ability to play every club from the top divisions.   These teams should be available for Career Mode play, as they are vying for the title of Women's Champion League champions.   Their international manager could even attempt to dethrone the United States of America in the Women's World Cup.  

Women's players should be included in Ultimate Team as well, where there could be a new fantasy game mode that allows players to assemble their ideal intergender team to compete.   In addition to being beneficial to the sport, increased presentation may also help to raise the proportion of women participating in it.   The increase in revenue would be welcome news to EA, who would be singing in their own choir.  

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