Then you should have a look at the best Icon SBCs in FC 24 from MacMillanwu's blog

Then you should have a look at the best Icon SBCs in EAFC 24 Coins. It's about getting an Icon without seeing who it is. Of course, you need a lot of coins so that you can ideally get several Icon packs at the same time.

Lots of YouTubers and content creators upload such videos simply because it's pretty exciting and entertaining not to know what came out of them. If you're still not quite sure how to do it, NepentheZ 2 opens a bunch of packs this way: Imagine you do this and get Pelé.

If you can't decide which country to look for, we have an Icon Roulette Wheel for you. This will indicate the different nations that you can then search for. And if you should lose track, of course we also have the best cheap OP FIFA icons here. FC 24: The Best Player Traits Explained

When a new special card is released in FIFA Ultimate Team, you don't usually look at a player's traits first, even though they can affect your gameplay. Traits only come into play in certain situations, but in those situations they can be decisive in determining whether the goal is scored or not.

The first look is at the pace, then you look at the rest of the card. Then you check the skills and the weak foot of the player. These are all important attributes, no question, but before you rush into an SBC, you should always check whether the player also has good traits.

And this is true for all game modes in FC 24, be it Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs or the Career Mode. In this article we show you all traits in FC 24 and what they do. Afterward, we filter the best traits and tell you which traits you should pay attention to when buying players or signing SBC's.

First of all, there are different categories of traits. There are the standard traits, the CPU traits, the virtual pro traits and EAFC 24 Coins for sale the career mode traits. Our focus here is on the standard traits because they are the most important ones for Ultimate Team. But of course we will also present the other traits.

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