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Until a few years ago, golf was considered a rich man's game, but of late, you can find many golf enthusiasts joining a club and choosing their preferred package. What has made so many people hit the course for the first time? It must not surprise you that there are some benefits to playing. Read on to know why everyone should get a set of clubs and a tee time. 

1] Good exercise

You do a lot of walking, which means you are getting good exercise. Not only will you spend a lot of time on your feet, but you will also exercise with a lot of shoulder movement. There is plenty of walking you do by the end, so you'll undoubtedly achieve your daily step goals.

2] Be in the nature

When you are golfing, you have to spend all your time outside. That means you will have to carry a lot of sunscreen while getting the benefits that nature offers.  

  • Sleep better

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Decreased depression

  • Boost creative thinking

  • Less anxiety

The golf courses are in a stunning location amidst landscapes, valleys, and mountains where you can enjoy nature-like scenery.

3] Make new friends

You might be planning and playing golf with your friends if you are a regular golfer. Even otherwise, you can make new friends with like-minded golfers as you participate in daily games or tournaments. One way of doing it is by going to a golf club alone or only with family who can partake in the other activities the golf club offers. Connecting with a golf club like the Emfuleni Golf Clubor any other, you can make friends with other members, thus promoting friendship. It is an excellent chance to build individual and business relationships. Your families will have company while you are golfing. They can participate in club-sponsored activities, enjoy food at the dining hall, whip up a refreshing drink, or enjoy in the swimming pool. Shopping-savvy people can even go shopping and visit some of the tourist attractions nearby. You soon feel that you belong to the course. 

4. It fosters a healthy sense of competition

When you make friends with a golfer, one of the first things they'll ask is your handicap. What starts as curiosity could turn into a sense of challenge to outbeat each other sportively. You can have friendly games with them, encouraging you to challenge yourself and improve your skills. 

5. Builds character

Not every stroke you play will go as you planned. It can sometimes be frustrating, but it allows you to build character. After a few misses, when you are successful with your shot, you will take a deep breath and understand that life doesn't go as planned occasionally. In those quiet moments out on the course, you will also realize you don't need to get so upset when your secretary or employees fail to perform as expected. When you think with a cool and refreshed mind and renewed resolve to resolve any type of problem at home or work calmly.

6. Outing for the family 

Why not bring your family along on your next golf outing? Your kids can get exercise by walking with you at the course. If they're too young, you can use a golf cart to help them out. 

There is something for everybody at the golf clubs. Emfuleni Golf Club, for example, has several recreational facilities for the entire family, including boating, fishing, picnic, and braai ( South African BBQ) areas on the river, a tennis court, and a River Lodge.

The golf course, situated on the Vaal River banks, was built more than 50 years back as a classic parkland course, with a Halfway House and Pro-shop to cater to all golfer's requirements.

7. Golfing equipment on hire/ sale

If your kids show interest in playing a game, you can get golf clubs in every size, shape, and color at the Pro shop within the club. Let your whole family benefit from golfing and bond in the process. As mentioned initially, golf was considered a rich man's sport. If you are new, you can hire the equipment and start playing, slowly buying and collecting the required golfing gear.

8. Golf can help with weight loss

Golf is not a high-energy sport, but it can help you lose weight. You are not doing any intense workout, but all that swinging and putting, plus walking an 18-hole course, really counts. On a standard round, you'll be almost continuously moving.

This supported exercise keeps your heart rate up and at an optimum level for reducing calories. But if you use a buggy, you will not have the same benefits. 

The average length of an entire 18-hole golf course is around 3.5 to 4 miles. Walking around the course will burn up to double the calories compared to making the trip in a buggy.

9] Plenty of sunlight

You usually play golf in the early morning. So, it means you are getting an abundance of Vitamin D, which is essential for your health in several ways. It supports your immune system and the fresh air will help reduce anxiety, improve focus, and relax. 

10] Not as dangerous as other sports:

Injuries can happen even if you are into any physical activities. However, sportspersons are more prone to injuries based on the nature and speed of the game. Golf is undoubtedly a low-risk sport. As a 'low hit' form of movement, golf seldom exposes you to serious injury risks. But perfecting your form and being cautious when bringing your kit should protect you from golfing injuries.


Emfuleni Golf Estate and Country Club is famous for its pristine surroundings. It is about 45 minutes from Johannesburg and an ideal getaway from the busy noisy city life. offers the ultimate golfing and water sports experience. Emfuleni Golf Estate owners and members claim the club has no comparison, particularly with regards to the rate of life and the standard of living, offering an upscale and tranquil environment of golfing.

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