Lots of men believe that satisfying a woman in bed is very hard, but in reality, this is not difficult at all. If you follow the right steps and you know exactly what women want when it comes to sex, then you will certainly make her happy, and not only in bed. Satisfying a Call Girls sexually is not hard at all. Here is what you must do.

Time and attention

All women want time and attention from their men, especially when it comes to sex. So, next time when you are in bed with your woman, make sure you don’t just jump into the penetration. You must take your time to kiss and touch your lady, to offer her attention, and also to cherish her entire body. Start with kissing her from the top of her head and then go all the way down to her toes. This method will make the woman reach the orgasm a lot faster and even feel it more intense. So, don’t forget to do it. A patient partner will help the woman experience sexual fulfillment.


Also, women want a partner who puts their needs first, like a priority. The best thing about being a selfless lover is that your partner will certainly want to reciprocate. So, you will be able to have a beautiful and satisfying relationship. If you want to learn more about women in general so that you can satisfy your future partner, then we recommend dating a few times professional Glamadults Escorts. These ladies are experienced and they will teach you plenty of amazing things.

A free of judgment space

Sex is not perfect all the time. There will be moments when you will be too tired to give your best and you will also not have an orgasm every time you have sex, and this is alright. There is nothing wrong with that. All sorts of unexpected things can happen during sex, such as cramps, gagging, periods or queefs. All of these are common and even if they are a bit embarrassing, they are definitely normal. In fact, these are the things that you should laugh about and move on from.


Nobody wants to bone in only one position all night. It is important to understand that novelty is what excites the brain, and we are talking here about a new position or a new sex technique that you haven’t tried before. So, what you and your partner must do is play all sorts of games, have sex in different places in the house, and even use a sex toy. Trying the same moves over and over again will become mundane for women who are in long-term relationships.

Oral sex

Exactly like men, women absolutely love oral sex. They like it very much and you should offer your woman good oral sex you really want to fully satisfy her. If you haven’t done it before, then maybe it is time to try it. You can have a look at some porn in order to learn the best techniques ever so that you can offer your lady amazing and intense pleasure. She will definitely feel great and she will appreciate it a lot.



An open mind

Women like men with an open mind. Maybe you want to try something new in bed or maybe you want to bring a sex toy with you. No matter what you want to do, it is essential that you have an open mind and try all sorts of new things in bed with your woman. She will appreciate it and she will be more than satisfied. Men also like open-minded women, just like sex workers from GlamAdults. In fact, being open-minded, whether you are a woman or a man, will definitely improve a relationship.

Peace of mind when it comes to protection

Women are very careful when it comes to protection, especially if they don’t feel ready to have a child. Even if they are in a long-term relationship, they will want you to use a condom, if not all the time, at least most of the time. So, if you don’t want to upset your lady, then take this detail into consideration.

An orgasm

Women want their partners to do everything they can in order to offer them intense orgasm. Unfortunately, there are a lot of selfish men who only think about their own pleasure. Well, if you want to be the man of her dreams, then you must make sure you offer her the pleasure she wants, and the truth is that this doesn’t involve doing too many things. Making a woman orgasm is actually quite simple. If you offer her the necessary attention and if you make her feel special, then success is guaranteed.


Having a partner who asks all the time what you like and what you want in bed is super stressful and annoying at the same time. It is okay to ask the woman some questions about what she likes in terms of sex, but do not exaggerate. This will ruin everything and it will not make her feel too good.


When it comes to foreplay, the man should take his time and draw stuff out and enjoy to the fullest the woman’s body. A little patience will certainly carry you a long way. Moreover, keep in mind that the orgasm is not the only thing that matters when having sex. Kisses, touches and hugs are also very important and they should exist when you get intimate with someone.

Realistic expectations

Porn sex is without a doubt cool and all, but real-life sex is different. Don’t expect to have sex in real life just like the actors have in porn. It won’t ever be the same. So, with this being said, men should know that women do not like those men who have too many expectations from them. They simply don’t feel good and comfortable and they will never date someone like that. In case you really like a woman and you want to have a serious relationship with her, then make sure you don’t put too much pressure on her when it comes to sex. You will stress her and she will not be able to feel good about herself or about you.


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