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In the vibrant landscape of Indian agriculture, tractors have become indispensable companions to farmers, revolutionizing traditional farming practices and enhancing productivity. Among the array of tractor brands available, New Holland has emerged as a trusted name synonymous with innovation, durability, and performance. As the demand for modern agricultural machinery continues to surge, it's essential to delve into the popular New Holland tractor models that have garnered significant attention within the Indian farming community. From compact yet powerful models suitable for small landholdings to robust workhorses designed for large-scale operations, New Holland tractors offer a diverse range tailored to meet the unique needs of Indian farmers. In this article, we will explore and analyze the New Holland tractor pricein India of these popular New Holland tractor models, shedding light on their features, benefits, and how they contribute to the evolution of Indian agriculture.

New Holland 3630 TX Plus

The New Holland 3630Tx Plus stands as a robust agricultural companion with a 55 HP engine and 1500 kg lifting capacity. Its 8+2 gearbox empowers versatile performance across more than 35 agricultural tasks. Boasting a 2991 CC engine with 3 cylinders, the tractor operates at a rated RPM of 1500. Its oil-immersed brakes ensure efficient stopping, while power steering enhances maneuverability. The 3630 Tx Plus symbolizes dependability and power, making it an indispensable tool for contemporary farming endeavors with 47 PTO HP and a PTO RPM of 540. The Tractor Price is between Rs. 8 Lac to 9.1 Lac.

New Holland 3230 NX

The New Holland 3230 Nx stands as an economical choice, catering to farmers with its 42 HP engine and 1500 kg lift capacity. Its constant mesh transmission, coupled with 540 PTO RPM, ensures seamless performance. With a 2500 cc engine featuring 3 cylinders and operating at 2000 RPM, it offers reliability in diverse tasks. The tractor's 42-liter fuel tank capacity contributes to extended operation. It incorporates oil-immersed brakes for effective control and offers both mechanical and power steering options. Generating 39 PTO HP at 540 RPM, the New Holland 3230 Nx strikes a balance between affordability and functionality, ideal for a variety of farming needs. The Tractor Price is between Rs. 6.4 Lac to 7.1 Lac.

New Holland 5620 TX Plus

The New Holland 5620Tx Plus 4WD tractor model is a versatile powerhouse equipped with a double clutch and a partial synchromesh transmission system. With options of 12 F + 4 R UG / 12 F +3 R Creeper gearboxes, it offers superb forward speed and maneuverability. Its operator-centric design includes oil-immersed brakes and smooth power steering, ensuring safety and control. The tractor boasts a substantial 65 HP, 3-cylinder engine with water cooling and a 2000 kg lifting capacity. A spacious fuel tank, 2050 MM wheelbase, and generous ground clearance of 495 / 440 (4WD) MM complement its performance, making the New Holland 5620 Tx Plus 4WD a reliable choice for diverse farming tasks. The Tractor Price is between Rs. 10 Lac to 11 Lac.

New Holland 3600-2 TX

The New Holland 3600-2 TX is a powerful tractor designed for efficiency and performance. With 8 forward and 3 reverse gears, it offers versatile speed control. Its robust engine boasts 49.5 HP from a 2931 CC capacity, operating at 2250 RPM. The tractor's oil bath air filter enhances engine longevity. Equipped with oil-immersed disc brakes and power steering, it ensures safety and maneuverability. With a fuel tank capacity of 60 liters, the 3600-2 TX provides extended operation. Its 3-cylinder configuration, along with 45 PTO HP and 540 PTO RPM, makes it a dependable choice for a wide range of agricultural tasks. The Tractor Price is between Rs. 7.5 Lac to 8.1 Lac.

Conclusion In conclusion, New Holland tractorshave undeniably become the backbone of Indian agriculture, embodying innovation and reliability. From the robust New Holland 3630 Tx Plus to the efficient 3230 Nx and the versatile 5620 Tx Plus 4WD, each model caters to specific farming needs. The powerful New Holland 3600-2 TX further exemplifies the brand's commitment to enhancing productivity. As these tractors seamlessly blend technology, performance, and affordability, they contribute significantly to the evolution of Indian agriculture. With their array of features, these New Holland tractors stand as pivotal tools in driving forward the modernization and growth of the agricultural sector across the nation.

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