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Introducing the remarkable JCB 3DX, a true marvel within the JCB Ecoxpert Range*. This powerful Backhoe Loader redefines efficiency with its groundbreaking IntelliPERFORMANCE technology, a revolutionary advancement that seamlessly balances optimal fuel consumption and uncompromised performance. By embracing the JCB Machine3DX, businesses can not only enhance their operational prowess but also make significant strides in cost-effectiveness. Thanks to its exceptional fuel efficiency, prolonged engine lifespan, and reduced maintenance expenditures*, the JCB 3DX stands as a beacon of economic prudence. In this article, we’ll cover the specifications and 3DX JCB with Price.

JCB 3DX Specifications and Price

The JCB 3DX is a robust and versatile construction marvel designed to empower your worksite with its impressive capabilities. With a maximum engine power of 36 kW (49 hp), this machine delivers the muscle needed to tackle a wide range of tasks with efficiency and precision. Its superior design allows it to handle a maximum lift capacity of 1490 kg, ensuring that heavy loads are lifted and moved with ease.

Equipped with a loader dump height of 2.74 meters, the JCB 3DX enables seamless material handling and dumping, facilitating swift and effective operations. When it comes to excavation, the machine's excavator bucket capacity of 0.26 cubic meters provides ample space to scoop and transfer materials effortlessly.

The JCB 3DX boasts exceptional digging capabilities, boasting a maximum dig depth of 4.77 meters. This impressive reach allows for deep excavations and intricate digging tasks, making it a reliable partner for various construction projects. Its 2WD transmission drive ensures optimal traction and control, allowing you to navigate challenging terrains with confidence.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology and engineering, the JCB 3DX is a testament to innovation in construction machinery. Whether it's lifting, dumping, excavating, or maneuvering, this machine's prowess is a testament to JCB's commitment to delivering top-notch performance and efficiency to construction sites worldwide. The JCB Priceis between Rs. 35 Lac to 38 Lac.

Conclusion In conclusion, the JCB 3DXstands as an embodiment of technological ingenuity and practical excellence within the realm of construction machinery. With its revolutionary IntelliPERFORMANCE technology and remarkable specifications, it not only redefines efficiency but also amplifies cost-effectiveness for businesses. From its impressive lifting and excavation capabilities to its advanced engineering and 2WD transmission drive, the 3DX proves itself as a dependable companion for diverse construction endeavors. As it continues to pave the way for enhanced performance and economic prudence, the JCB 3DX undeniably cements JCB's unwavering dedication to providing unparalleled solutions for construction sites across the globe, all within an attractive price range of Rs. 35 Lac to 38 Lac.

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