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Need to know how to respec how to Diablo IV Gold respec Diablo 2? An easy guide for players who aren't RPG devotees. Respec simply refers to the process of returning and redistributing things like attribute and skill points that are typical in the game. Respecting in modern RPGs is an easy, repeatable process, but things aren't quite so easy with Diablo 4. While you can earn an occasional respec opportunity, once you've used them the process of obtaining another will be a rather gruelling procedure. To ensure you don't waste your chances and ruin your build, we'll go over all the ways to respec characters in Diablo 4.

How do you respec in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 grants players one respec for each difficulty. It is distributed by the Act 1 NPC Akara. It's good news that you'll get it through the very first quest of the game. Just get rid of the Den of Evil and speak to Akara. A chance to reset all skill and stat points will be available when you talk to Akara. If you choose this option, it will be exactly what you're looking for; all your stats and skills gained from completing quests and leveling up rewards will be returned, and you'll be able to distribute them as you please.

This is the downside; once you use that refspec, it's gone. You'll get another after clearing the Den of Evil on the next challenge, but that's all you'll get. Don't use these simple respecs on a whim or you might regret it. More on that later.

If you've burned the Akara Respecs and are in need of anotherone, you can get more through the creation of a Token of buy Diablo IV Gold Absolution. However, it's a grind and you'll need do some farming on Hell difficulties to acquire the needed materials. They include:

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