You on 5 different things based on abilities that you do in OSRS gold from Kingang's blog

As soon as you reach the base of the mountain you will be surounded by wolves at a different cut scean where you're eaten if the WOM will OSRS gold teleport in. He will make quick work of those wolves using a red chinchompa and then teleport both of you to Draynor.

Talk to the WOM. Thank you for saving my hide. Your most welcome, least I could do when I realized Spot had just gotten into one of my bottomless chests and was chunking snowballs out of it. The Snow Queen took my armor, I nearly got crushed by a troll, and eaten by wolves. . .and all this time your pet was hiding in...a. . .chest? Yes indeedy. Could I have that book today? . .and here is the armor back. How. . .never thoughts I do not want to understand.

The adventurer will then read the publication. When you browse the book you understand you want the blood of a royal fairy for the spell to function. Then you visit Zanaris, inform the Queen, who gladly donates a drop of her blood to the spell, and provides you the consequent magical tablet. Dial to Yu'buisk, utilize the tablet on the sarcophogus and Rs2107 gold a cutscean showing you being sucked into a alternate universe happens. From your days a A diplomat to Lunar Isle you reconize the Oneiromancer who once more tests you on 5 distinct things based on skills that you do in Runescape.

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By Kingang
Added Apr 19 '21


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