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Farmtrac Tractorstands out as a premium and leading tractor manufacturing brand in the Indian market. Focused on meeting the daily operational needs of farmers, Farmtrac offers exceptional tractor solutions that enhance productivity and work quality. The company firmly believes in empowering Indian farmers with premium machinery to achieve high yields and efficient farming practices.

Farmtrac tractors boast robust and powerful engines, ensuring reliable performance in diverse conditions. Their user-friendly design and distinctive styling, along with a trusted reputation, make them easy to handle and identify. The tractors are available at competitive prices, starting from Rs. 4.80 Lakh.

With a commitment to manufacturing premium and efficient farming equipment, Farmtrac tractors serve as the ideal solution for farmers seeking top-notch machinery. By choosing Farmtrac, farmers can significantly improve their agricultural operations and maximize productivity.

Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx Features

The Farmtrac 60Powermaxx is a feature-packed tractor designed to meet the demands of modern farming. It comes with a range of notable features:

1. Balanced Power Steering: The tractor is equipped with balanced power steering, which provides ease of maneuverability and reduces operator fatigue during long hours of work. This makes it efficient and comfortable to handle.

2. 55 HP Engine: The Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx is powered by a robust 55-horsepower engine, delivering ample power to handle various agricultural tasks effectively.

3. Oil-Immersed Brakes: The tractor is fitted with oil-immersed brakes, ensuring reliable and efficient braking performance. This feature enhances safety and control over the tractor during operations.

4. High Lifting Capacity: With a lifting capacity of up to 2500 kg, the Farmtrac 60 can handle heavy implements and loads with ease, making it suitable for a wide range of farming operations.

5. Versatility and Durability: The Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx is known for its versatility, allowing it to adapt to different farming tasks with ease. Additionally, its durable construction ensures longevity and reliability in challenging working conditions.

Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx Specifications

The Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx is a well-equipped tractor with the following specifications:

1. HP Category: 55 HP (Horsepower) - This indicates the power output of the tractor, which is 55 horsepower in this case. It signifies the ability to handle various agricultural tasks efficiently.

2. Engine Capacity: 3510 cc (Cubic Centimeters) - This refers to the volume of the engine's combustion chambers. A higher engine capacity generally indicates more power and torque.

3. Engine Rated RPM: 2000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) - It represents the engine's optimal operating speed, where it delivers its maximum power and efficiency.

4. No of Cylinder: 3 cylinders - This indicates the number of cylinders in the tractor's engine. In this case, the Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx has a 3-cylinder engine.

5. Brake Type: Oil-Immersed Brakes - The tractor is equipped with oil-immersed brakes, which offer better performance, longevity, and reliability compared to dry brakes.

6. Steering Type: Balanced Power Steering - The tractor features balanced power steering, providing ease of handling and reducing operator effort while maneuvering.

7. PTO Power: 49 HP (Power Take-Off) - It signifies the power available at the PTO shaft, which is used to operate various PTO-driven implements.

8. PTO RPM: 540 (Power Take-Off Revolutions Per Minute) - This indicates the rotational speed of the PTO shaft when connected to implements, allowing compatibility with standard PTO-driven equipment.


In conclusion, Farmtrac Tractormodel 60 Powermaxx proves to be an exemplary choice for modern farmers in India. As a premium and leading tractor brand, Farmtrac is dedicated to empowering farmers with top-notch machinery that enhances productivity and work quality. With its robust 55 HP engine, balanced power steering, and oil-immersed brakes, the Farmtrac 60 offers efficient and reliable performance across diverse farming conditions. Its versatility and high lifting capacity of 2500 kg make it suitable for various agricultural tasks. Backed by Farmtrac's trusted reputation and competitive pricing, this tractor emerges as the perfect solution to elevate farming operations and maximize productivity for Indian farmers. 

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