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Massey Ferguson has a rich history that dates back to 1847 when the Massey Manufacturing Company was established in Canada. The company's early years were marked by innovative farming machinery, including reapers and threshers. In 1953, the merger of Massey-Harris and Ferguson led to the formation of Massey Ferguson, combining the expertise of two respected brands.

Since then,Massey Fergusonhas grown to become a global leader in the agricultural machinery industry, known for its durable and reliable tractors. The brand has consistently introduced advanced technologies and features, such as power steering, multi-power transmission, and electronic control systems, setting new standards for efficiency and productivity. 

With a strong focus on meeting the evolving needs of farmers worldwide, Massey Ferguson continues to provide high-quality tractors that embody a legacy of innovation and excellence in agriculture. The MasseyFerguson tractoris well-suited for a wide range of farming applications. The Massey Ferguson tractor is designed for efficiency and productivity in field work.

Factors for selecting the right Massey Ferguson tractor for your needs.

  • Assess the tasks you need the tractor for and determine the required horsepower.

  • Consider the size and terrain of your operation to determine the appropriate tractor size.

  • Evaluate the implements and attachments you'll use and ensure compatibility with the tractor.

  • Choose a transmission type that suits your needs for efficiency and versatility.

  • Prioritize operator comfort with adjustable seating, a comfortable cab, and user-friendly controls.

  • Consider fuel efficiency and environmental impact when selecting a tractor model.

  • Set a budget and consider long-term costs like maintenance and fuel consumption.

  • Consult with experts and dealers for personalized recommendations and guidance.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Features

  • Thesetractoroffers a wide range of horsepower options to suit different farming needs.

  • Advanced transmission systems ensure smooth and efficient operation.

  • Precision farming capabilities help optimize productivity and yield.

  • Comfortable cabs and ergonomic controls provide a pleasant operator experience.

  • Fuel-efficient engines reduce operating costs and environmental impacts.

  • Versatile three-point hitch and front-end loader systems allow for easy attachment of implements.

  • Robust construction enables the Massey tractor to handle tough field conditions.

  • Innovative features like power steering and electronic control systems enhance ease of use.

  • A global network of dealers and service centres ensures reliable support and maintenance.


Top 3 Massey Ferguson Tractor Models:

The top three Massey Ferguson tractor models, based on popularity and performance, are:

Massey Ferguson 241: TheMassey Ferguson 241is a compact utility tractor that offers versatility and reliability for various agricultural tasks. Massey 241 hp is 42 hp. The Massey 241 is known for its robust construction, ease of use, and suitability for small to medium-sized farming operations. Massey 241 price starts at Rs. 6 lakh.

Massey Ferguson 1035: TheMassey Ferguson 1035is a compact tractor widely used in small-scale farming, orchards, and vineyards. Massey 1035 Hp ranging between 35 to 40. The Massey 1035 is appreciated for its manoeuvrability, durability, and versatility in performing tasks such as mowing, tilling, and loader work in tight spaces. Massey 1035 price starts at Rs. 5.3 lakhs.

Massey Ferguson 9500: The Massey Ferguson 9500 tractor is designed for heavy-duty field labour and large-scale farming operations, and it has a high horsepower rating. It typically has a horsepower rating of around 50 to 58. The Massey 9500 offers power, performance, and advanced features such as comfortable cabs, efficient transmissions, and hydraulic options for tasks like tillage, planting, and harvesting. The Massey Ferguson 9500 price starts at Rs. 8.8 lakhs.


Massey Ferguson Tractor Price:

The Massey Ferguson tractor price can vary depending on factors such as model, horsepower, features, and region. The Massey Tractor price starts at Rs. 4.45 lakh. For accurate and up-to-date pricing information, consult with local dealers or visit the KhetiGaadi website.

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