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Click Through Rate (or CTR) is an ideal indicator of ad-campaign performance, but you should be aware; when the volume of impressions and clicks are too low, your CTR might skyrocket, but this doesn't necessarily mean that ads are doing great; On the contrary, a very high CTR might highlight volume issues.

If you want to improvise the quality of your Google Ads campaigns, there are several elements that you are supposed to take into insightful consideration. 

“You may know your current CTR by the below formula

Clickthrough Rate = (Total Clicks on Ad) / (Total Impressions)”

Click rates and conversions are not the same things in PPC advertising; In this process, CTR tells you the ratio of the audience/people who click (not the total number of people who convert); Ideal customers are those who not only click to your ads but also go and sign up for the service or offer your ad is providing.

In other words, an online ad can have a high click-through rate with a very downfall conversion rate, leaving you with a high cost per conversion (CPC).

Insight Acquisition 

When you fail to structure your Google Advertisement account properly or manage it effectively, the click-through rates of your adverts could be low & you’re giving your competition a helping hand by increasing their ads CTR. You won’t get the traffic, inquiries, or sales that you expected & it will hurt your business goals while helping theirs. 

On the other hand, in Pay Per Click Advertising, ad quality score can be a valuable medium in identifying ways to improve the implemented ads, keywords, landing pages, and so on. Quality Score (for an ad) is considered a quality indicator of which areas/parameters to focus on to improve ad quality rather than a score to be optimized.

Keyword Mapping 

There's exceptional rocket science in mapping/implementing the keywords in the landing page while doing PPC ads. All you need to make sure of is that the targetted keywords applied in the ad copy segment must be relevant to the page, they make sense, and most importantly, should be close competition enough to all neighbours keywords in the landing page, ad copy, and the forecast search terms.

Emphasis on Callouts Extensions

Callouts are one of the key players to magnet the clicks to your ads; everyone scrolls the ads and looks for the valuable attraction to click and to go through on. 

Talking about callouts, they are the words (or phrases) appearing to end users, teasing them to click once and go to the ad content. All you do is use callout extensions to improve your text ads by promoting unique offers to targeted audiences/users, such as Offer Limited, 24/7 Support, Shop Now, Call Now, & so on.

Callout texts make the end user decide comfortably whether to click after reading the aggregated callouts on the relevant ad copies; sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Ads Quality Chance

Google Ads is all about testing and optimizing. You should try different settings and run your ads for a while, & then process the results, make a few changes, then run it again. By continuing this process of trial and error, you can learn a lot about your campaign performance to determine what is working, & what is failing.

In a nutshell with relevance high on a priority checklist, you can boost ads quality score and rank the content to benefit the expected CTR.

Conclusion Context

An ideal CTR is a good key point throughout the process, as it lets you know if users find your ads engaging. Still, it is not the be-all & end-all; The ultimate goal is to get conversions.

Thus, you must memorize the big picture, & consider your conversions align with your clickthrough rate. If you are having plenty of conversions recorded in the buffer, then it’s okay to turn a blind eye to a below-average CTR ignoring the exceptions; The main thing to work towards is creating more relevant ads. 

Technically CTR is responsible to throw an impactful influence on the account performance, so it would be a wise choice to optimize the CTR seriously.

Increasing the CTR needs ongoing testing and experimentation and cannot be achieved overnight. Thus, you need to have relentless patience & confirm the determination of the forecasted outcome.

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