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Preet Tractor was established in 1980 by Mr. Harminder Singh Pahwa. Preet Tractor started as a small workshop in Punjab, India, and has now grown into a well-known tractor manufacturing company. Over the years, Preet Tractorhas gained a reputation for producing reliable and high-performance tractors that cater to the diverse needs of farmers. When it comes to modern agricultural machinery, Preet Tractor stands out as a brand that combines affordability with exceptional performance.  

The Preet Tractor plays a vital role in improving agricultural practices. Preet Tractor offers reliable solutions for varioustypes of farming. Preet Tractor has a varied lineup to appeal to farmers of all types and sizes, from smaller tractors meant for small-scale farming to heavy-duty equipment built for large agricultural operations.


Preet tractor features:

  • With its powerful engines, thistractorguarantees efficient performance in diverse agricultural operations, delivering the necessary power and reliability to tackle a wide range of tasks on the field.

  • Advanced technologies in Preet Tractor are specifically designed for precision farming, optimizing accuracy and productivity to new heights, allowing farmers to achieve precise and efficient operations in their agricultural practices.

  • Versatile models equipped with a wide range of implementseasily adapt to different tasks, catering to the diverse needs of farmers.

  • Preet Tractor prioritizes operator comfort with ergonomic designs, ensuring reduced fatigue even during long working hours, enabling farmers to work efficiently and comfortably, and enhancing productivity and overall well-being.

  • Preet Tractor incorporates safety features that provide peace of mind by safeguarding farmers and their surroundings. These features ensure a secure working environment, protecting both farmers and the surrounding areas from potential risks and hazards.

  • Fuel-efficient tractors enable cost-effective operations and reduce environmental impacts.

  • Comprehensive after-sales support ensures timely maintenance and assistance for uninterrupted productivity.


Popular models for the Preet Tractor:

  1. Preet 6049: The preet 6049 model is highly versatile and well-known for its adaptability to various farming tasks. Preet 6049 HP is 60. The Preet Tractor 60 HP offers farmers reliable and high performance for their agricultural needs. The Preet 6049 price starts at Rs. 7.6 lakh to 8.1 lakh.

  2. Preet 955: It is designed for heavy-duty applications, the Preet 955 model boasts exceptional power and advanced features. It is ideal for large-scale farming operations that require high horsepower and superior performance. Preet tractor 955 price starts at Rs. 7 lakh to 7.5 lakh.

  3. Preet 3549: The Preet 3549 model is perfect for small-scale farmers and those working in confined spaces. Despite its smaller size, it doesn't compromise on performance and delivers reliable results. Preet 3549 price starts at Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 6.7 lakh.

  4. Preet 4549: With its efficient performance and versatility, the Preet 4549 model has gained popularity among farmers. It has a good combination of power and flexibility, making it excellent for a variety of agricultural tasks. The Preet 4549 tractor price starts at Rs. 7.05 lakh to 7.52 lakh. it is affordable for farmers.

Preet tractor price:

The Preet tractor pricecan vary depending on aspects such as the model, specifications, features, and additional attachments. Preet Tractor has competitive pricing on its models. including the Preet tractor 45 hp price range of Rs. 6.95 lakh - 7.7 lakh, the Preet tractor 55 hp price range of Rs. 6.52 lakh to 7.5 lakh, and the Preet tractor 60 hp price range of Rs. 7.6 lakh to 8.9 lakh. Preet tractor prices in India are competitive, providing farmers with cost-effective options for high-quality agricultural machinery.

Frequently asked questions:

Que. What is the price of a Preet tractor 4x4?

Ans. The Preet tractor 4x4 price varies depending on engine type and other factors.


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