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Tractors are one of the most essential machinesin modern farming. They are versatile machines that can perform a wide range of tasks. Tractors have brought about a significant improvement in farming efficiency. Tractors are essential machines that are used in different applications, including farming, construction, and landscaping. There are various tractor brands in India, each with its own unique features, specifications, and price range.

The Role of Tractors in Modern Agriculture


Tractors are used for a variety of tasks in modern agriculture. They are used to plough fields, plant and harvest crops, and transport materials such as hay and grain.Tractorsare also used for irrigation, fertilisation, and pest control. Farmers can manage more fields and harvest more crops than ever before with the help of tractors.  

Tractors have replaced the traditional methods of farming, which were time-consuming and labour-intensive. With the use of tractors, farmers can adopt sustainable agricultural practices, reducing the impact on the environment and contributing to the development of a more sustainable future. With the use of tractors, farmers can manage larger fields and produce more crops than ever before.   

Tractors can also be used for applying fertilisers and pesticides, which can help improve crop yields. Tractors can also be equipped with harvestingimplementsmaking it possible to harvest crops quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of crop damage.  


Popular Tractor Brands: 

  1. Mahindra Tractors: Mahindra is a leading tractor brand in India known for its robustness, efficiency, and affordability. This company manufactures tractors ranging in power from 20 to 60 horsepower, offering 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive tractors. Mahindra has a durable, huge, and powerful engine for outstanding performance.Mahindra tractorsare easy to use and come with unique designs at affordable prices. The Mahindra tractor price starts at Rs. 2.50 lakh in India. 

  1. John Deere Tractor: John Deere is a global brand known for its high-quality, durable, and efficient tractors. John Deere tractor models feature long-lasting, dependable, and efficient diesel engines that are designed and manufactured to keep you going. This company manufactures tractors ranging in power from 35 to 120 horsepower, offering 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive tractors. It has a comfortable operator station and is suitable for various farming operations. The John Deere tractor price in India starts at Rs. 4.70 lakh. 


  1. Eicher Tractors:Eicher Tractors is well-known for manufacturing tractors, agricultural equipment, and engines. This tractor provides a highly effective cost-saving system. Eicher tractor prices are competitive on the market. Eicher Tractors manufactures 2- and 4-wheel-drive tractors ranging in horsepower from 18 to 50 HP. These tractor engines are durable, low-maintenance, low-cost, and fuel-efficient. The Eichertractor pricestarts at Rs. 2.90 lakh.  


  1. Swaraj Tractors: Swaraj is an Indian tractor brand that produces tractors suitable for small and medium-scale farming operations. This company manufactures tractors ranging in power from 15 to 60 horsepower, offering 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive tractors. Swaraj Tractors also sells mini tractors. Swaraj tractor price in India starts at 2.60 lakh. 


  1. Kubota Tractor: Kubota Tractor is one of India's leading manufacturers of agriculture machinery. Kubota tractors have a durable, huge, and powerful tractor engine for outstanding performance. Kubota tractors are simple to use, feature unique designs, and are a trusted brand at affordable prices. Kubota tractors also providemini tractors. Kubota tractor price starts in India at Rs. 4.15 lakh.

Farmers and operators should consider their specific needs and budget before purchasing a tractor. It is important to invest in a high-quality and reliable tractor that can handle the required tasks efficiently. Visit Khetigaadi for more information about the tractor.   



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