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Multiple glasses are bad enough, but it gets worse when you think about how much it costs to buy multiple glasses. The average cost of a single frame is around $200. Quite a bit if you need a lot of frames. Bifocal or varifocal lens is expensive too and they can cost up to $400 or even $500. Overall, it’s an expensive affair. And then there are the scenarios when you need to switch your eyeglasses for safety reasons, whether it is for touch-to-talk phones or face-to-face work in the shop.

When a few years ago I had the opportunity to try out Varifocal lens, I've chosen the option to get them. I was using glasses with 1.50 index for driving, and 1.75 for reading. I used another pair of glasses for general viewing. But both were progressive, which meant that they had to be refitted every year or so because they would become uncomfortable after a while and start feeling like an extra headache just on top of my other ones.

ProperFocus glasses compensate for both near and distance needs with just one pair of glasses. The glasses work using a split lens, and when worn it looks like you're looking through a pair of binoculars. This is the first occasion where I'm trying these out, but I do know that there are other similar products available in the market. Some may be cheaper, but ProperFocus is the first one to be backed up by an actual doctor so you'll be assured of its quality.

There is a simple solution to this problem. All you need is the proper focus on your operation. With ProperFocus, you can take simple tasks and turn them into task of intelligence.

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By Danny Williams
Added Mar 9 '21



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