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Sonalika International is an internationally known Indian tractor company, that produces the high-performance Sonalika DI 35tractor. The great power, fuel efficiency, and dependability of this tractor type are intended to benefit farmers and agricultural laborers. The Sonalika DI 35 tractor is a well-liked option for farmers in India and other nations since it has a strong engine and cutting-edge features that enable it to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease.

Sonalika DI 35 Specifications 

  1. 39 HP engine: Higher productivity: A tractor's powerful engine allows it to carry out labor-intensive activities effortlessly, saving farmers time and effort.

Versatility: The Sonalika DI 35 is a flexible machine that can be utilized in all types of farming operations due to its high horsepower, which enables it to operate in a variety of terrains and weather situations.

Increased profitability: Farmers that make use of the Sonalika DI 35 in their operations may experience a rise in profits as a result of the machine's higher productivity, versatility, and fuel efficiency.

  1. Engine Rated RPM - 2000 RPM: The engine operates at 2000 RPM, which offers the finest balance between power and fuel efficiency. Because the engine is not overworked when run at its rated RPM, it has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance.

  2. No of Cylinder - 3: Because of the engine's reduced size and fewer cylinders, less fuel is used, which lowers operational expenses for farmers. Because of the engine's reduced size and lighter weight, the Sonalika tractoris simpler to manage and operate.

  3. Brake Type - Dry Disc Brake: The safety of the tractor and its operators is increased by the more consistent and dependable stopping power provided by dry disc brakes. Dry disc brakes require less maintenance than other brake systems, which will ultimately result in lower maintenance expenses for farmers.

  4. Steering Type- Mechanical Steering: Because mechanical steering systems are easy to operate and reliable any problems are simple to maintain and fix.  Mechanical steering is a more cost-effective solution than hydraulic or power steering systems, saving farmers money on installation fees and maintenance costs.

  5. PTO Power - 28.9 Hp: The tractor's adaptability and use on the farm are increased by the high PTO power, which enables it to run a variety of implements and attachments. Due to the high power output of the PTO, operations may be completed more quickly and effectively since power is transferred to the implement efficiently.

  6. PTO RPM - 540: The 540 RPM PTO is the most commonly used PTO speed, making the Sonalika DI 35 compatible with a wide range of implements and attachments. The PTO's 540 RPM speed enables effective power transfer to the implement, cutting down on task completion times and boosting overall farm efficiency.

Sonalika DI 35 price

Sonalika DI 35 tractor pricein India will range from 7 to 7.55 lakh. The tractor's incredible features and specifications heavily influence its price. The tractor continues to be in high demand as a result. The tractor that is more reliable needs less maintenance, and generates a higher income is the Sonalika DI 35.

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