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What is a Baler or hay Baler?

An agricultural baler machine collects and bundles crop leftovers. It can gather crop leftovers from paddy, jowar, wheat, cotton, millet, and other crops. This is a PTO-operated machine.Balermachines are important parts of equipment for the global agricultural industry. 

A tractor baler machine is an agricultureimplementused to make cylindrical bales of straw, hay, or other crop material. The Baler machine is generally placed on the back of a tractor and compresses and binds the material into a tightly packed bale using a series of rollers and belts.

What are the different types of  Baler machines?

  1. Vertical Balers

  2. Horizontal Balers

  3. Single Ram Closed Door Balers

  4. Multi-Material Closed Door Balers

  5. Round hay  balers

  6. Round Straw Baler.

  7. Square balers:

What are the Uses of Baler for Agriculture?

Tractor Baler machines are helpful in a variety of cases. Farmers can simply lift and transport them to markets. Furthermore, the baler machines are helpful in-

  1. Baler Machine is a good source of animal feeders.

  2. Baler machines can be used to produce electricity and other things.

  3. It can be used to cultivate mushrooms.

  4. Baler Machine is used in packing. and also be used to produce biogas.

 Best Baler Machines in India-

  1. Swaraj Round Baler-In the agricultural sector, Swaraj Round Baler has a unique identity. This is an efficient tractor-mounted baler for tillage.  Its ability to create 24 to 30 bales each hour makes it a time-saving model.  Swaraj Round Baler is suited for 41–50 HP tractors. This baler weighs 600 kg in total and Its Pickup Width is 1065 MM. You may simply purchase this small round baler atkhetigaadi.

  1. Shaktiman Baler SSB- 60-Shaktiman Baler SSB- 60 is an efficient tractor-mounted baler for tillage. Shaktiman Baler SSB- 60 is ideal for 51-60 HP tractors. This baler weighs 1560 Kg in total and Its Pickup Width is 1570 MM.  It also contains two knotters for tying the bale. It contains Heavy Duty Rollers & Hydraulic Cylinders. It has become the most powerful baler machine due to these specifications. It works well on small fields. It's typically used to bale wheat and rice.

  1. Mahindra Square Baler: The Mahindra Square  Baler enhances agricultural output in India and time-consuming work. Mahindra Baler collects agricultural trash quickly to prepare the soil for the next crop. Mahindra Baler is ideal for 51-60 HP tractors. This baler weighs 2192  Kg in total and Its Pickup Width is 1800 MM. 

  1. New Holland Square Baler 5060:The New Holland Square Baler 5060 is a well-known piece of implement in agriculture. It requires 41-50 HPtractor power. Its plunger speed is 93 strokes per minute. It is also affordably priced and fuel-efficient. It has a hydraulic 1.8 m (72 inch) pickup width.

  1. John Deere Compact Round Baler RB0308: A baler is a modern machine with an electronic display that provides a bale count while it is in use.  It requires 21-30HPtractor power. This baler's Overall  Weight is 520 KG and its working width is 800 mm. It helps farmers to bale, handle, transport, and store straw. It provides the ideal method for controlling Paddy Crop residue.

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