The hot stamping process takes lightweight material, hardeneds and strengthens it to form needed shaped parts. Hot Stamping (metal forming, metal stamping), is mostly used in the automotive industry – to form pieces of steel or aluminum into car components/parts. This includes structural components like vehicle doors, frames, hoods, pillars, etc. DESTACO's End Effectors are designed and built to touch, hold and handle the steel and/or aluminum that can be inserted or placed in various types of hot stamping ovens or furnaces, heating the material in excess of 900 degrees C. and also to retrieve the hot stamped parts from the ovens and place them where needed.To get more news about automotive metal stamping parts manufacturers, you can visit tenral official website.

There are two types of hot stamping ovens: Soak Oven and Stack Oven. We grab the blank and place in soak oven where conveyor moves part and brings part temp up high, and then our grippers places into a die for stamping. Inside die – runs fluid to cool the item before coming out.

In the Metal Stamping industries, there are common styles of Press Lines that parts are formed on - Progressive, Transfer, Tandem. Progressive Press Lines run smaller parts and do not require automation or tooling to move parts from die to die. Transfer Press Lines have 3 Axis Transfer Rails (Mechinical or Servo) where automation tooling (Finger Tooling) is mounted and used to mtransfer the part from die to die. Transfer Presses have either Mechanical Transfer or Servo Transfer Systems. Mechanical Transfer have a fixed motion relative to the Press Ram timing, where as Servo Transfers motion is not limited to fixed motion, allowing for custom motions of transfer rails to be optimized for maximum throughput. Tandem Line Presses will have multiple Press in a row. In a Tandem Line, there can be between 4 to 7 Presses. The Press tending or part transfer in Tandem lines may have simple 3 Axis Pick and Place Systems or a number of 6 Axis Robots that Load/Unload parts into or out of the presses.

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