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With the development trend of technology and economic development, people have clearly put forward higher regulations on the innovative management of lighting energy conservation and sunlight exposure to the natural environment, thus promoting the intelligent system of lighting manipulation to become more and more critical, so the power strip mould company has also been more widely used in building intelligence.

1. Reduce project investment, save energy consumption and increase the service life of lamps

Energy saving is a major advantage of the power strip mould company. According to overseas statistical data, the power consumption of enterprise office lighting accounts for about 1/3 of the energy consumption of the whole office building, and the cost of machinery and equipment of enterprise office lighting accounts for about 1/10 of the cost of the electrical profession. Therefore, selecting an effective lighting plan can not only save resources, but also reduce the amount of labor in the threading pipe monitoring construction. The traditional mode of lighting in the public area of the house is to turn off the lights in the daytime and turn on the lights at night.

After selecting the power strip mould company, the management personnel can divide the time range and working mode according to different places and different passenger flow, so that the redundant lighting can be automatically turned off, and the necessary lighting can be automatically turned on when necessary, so as to reasonably reduce the working time of the lamps, save the redundant energy consumption, and increase the service life of the lamps. In addition, the system software can flexibly use the sunlight to automatically adjust the light intensity in the room according to the intelligent curtain and the dimming module. ​

2. Improve the natural environment exposed to sunlight and improve work efficiency

A good office environment is a necessary condition for improving work efficiency. Effective use of light sources, lamps and lighting control systems with high characteristics can reasonably improve the lighting quality and save resources. The power strip mould company has two control measures: power switch and dimming, which can reasonably manipulate the average illumination of various lighting sites to improve the uniformity of lighting. In addition, the system software can automatically adjust the light intensity according to different time ranges and different needs of everyone to produce a more comfortable office environment.

3. Improve management ability

power strip mould company is a system software dominated by intelligent automatic control system and supplemented by manual intervention. In general, the lighting system software can automatically complete the power switch and dimming function without the participation of some people, which not only reduces the workload of managers, but also eliminates the common faults caused by human errors.

In addition to the application of power strip mould company in energy-saving and saving lamps and lanterns, it reasonably saves water and electricity charges and period expenses. According to the analysis of the operating conditions of the office building, the actual energy-saving effect can reach 20%~50%; The actual energy-saving effect of general shopping malls, hotel restaurants, subway entrances and other places can also reach 25%~30%, and the service life of lighting fixtures can be extended by 2~3 times. Although the investment in the early stage of the project is a little larger, the construction route is reduced, the control system is saved, and the energy consumption is reduced. According to the statistical analysis, ordinary customers can get their project investment back in two to three years only in terms of energy saving and reducing the routing of machinery and equipment, with remarkable results.

power strip mould company

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