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I'd awake from a sleepy sleeping on flights to Asia while flying across the subcontinent. Not just once or twice, but each time.

In 2022, as I was on sabbatical from my job as a tourism manager in a corporate setting (and prior to blogging) the only place I was certain I must visit was India. It took me several months after my initial trip to India for me to record it, not because I was lacking enthusiasm , but due to the task of putting my first visit into India to words.

The subcontinent for me represented a land of mystery, energy as well as spirituality, color and love. I dreamed of taking a train ride and feeling the energy and heat of the area. Of seeing tigers and elephants colorful saris, prayers ceremonies on the banks the Ganges, streets that were that were obstructed by cows moving slowly and much more.

However, beyond this, Incredible India was always been a mysterious appeal for me. It's tugged the heart of my soul. It's clear that I'm not alone.

After more than two years of closing borders to International travel, India is now officially removing all restrictions on travel and quarantine for visitors coming to India in March 2022. Regularly scheduled international flights are now operating as well as tourist visas currently being issued.Six years after the first trip to India as well as many other solo journeys to India Here's my experience. In the past 6 years I've spent more than 18 months on the road and in India. India is now my part of me and I've learned some of the things to expect while traveling in India as well as how best to get ready for a trip to India no matter if it's the first time or the tenth.

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Before travelling to India travelers must complete forms on this portal. Air Suvidha portal (check the current guidelines for your airline) along with any other requirements imposed by your airline. The travelers are encouraged to monitor their health prior to arriving to India during the 14-day period.

Because travel regulations can changes, (continue to) keep an eye on official sources for any updates regarding Covid-19 travel guidelines including your country's travel advisory.

For tips on planning an excursion to India in the current moment you can find all my plans on India right here.

First time in India How to Prepare.

The standard traveling advice to India includes clichés like "expect to be surprised" or "prepare to fall off the grid". Although they may sound unhelpful but there's a good reason behind these clichés. Through my travels to India I've realized that the world seems "larger" in India. There's the hustle, the chaos as well as the beauty. But as well the sheer volume of people. It's a guarantee that no matter what your opinion regarding what you should anticipate from your first trip to India will never be completely right.

Here are my personal renditions of the clichés inspired by this traveler's experience:

When I boarded the plane from Bangkok to Delhi I made a post to my page on Facebook "Ready to go to India... The way I believe" One of my acquaintances replied "You don't always have the right preparation to go to India. The good thing is that India is always waiting to welcome you !"

Set your expectations aside at the airport. It's one thing to learn about India in books or see photographs. It's a different matter to actually be there. One of the best examples is it's the Taj Mahal (a must for anyone visiting, despite the fact that it is awash in popularity). Whatever pictures taken of images of the Taj Mahal we've seen, nothing that can prepare you for the true splendor of the site. The Taj Mahal is sparkling white in the early morning sun that rises from the gloomy river banks that lie behind. Similar to the Taj the Taj Mahal, the first time in India is an experience that should be experienced without preconceived notions and expectations.

India can teach patience. This is among those things that you are sure of. Being annoyed when things don't go according as planned or you discover that you were ripped off during a transaction doesn't help us. Knowing upfront that'staring at someone isn't considered to be to be rude by a lot of people and that you might receive a few glances throughout your journey to keep your cool also. In short, in a place where train delays is not measured in hours but rather by quarter, half or even a full day , having an open and flexible attitude makes traveling in India significantly more enjoyable. That is why I am going to come back to my second topic...

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