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If you’ve been wondering why your YouTube or Instagram recommendations are filled with Shorts and Reels, you can blame your concentration. The popularity of these easily consumable media is a testament to the degrading attention span in students, leading them to rely on professional study help services to ace their papers.

However, you shouldn't rely on professionals whenever your concentration falters, and you need case study help online. Instead, you can follow these 4 simple methods to boost your concentration levels so you can focus on your assignments without getting distracted:


1. Practice brain games every day

Research shows that students who play brain games daily have greater concentration levels than those who don't. Some popular games include sudoku, chess, crossword puzzles, memory games, and jigsaw puzzles. You can access most of these offline quite easily. Or, if you want to kill time during a long commute, it's best to download these apps on your phone and spend the journey exercising your brain.

Several research studies show that training your brain in such a manner helps your short-term memory, retention abilities and problem-solving skills. Thus, if you plan to improve your concentration, you can solve crosswords daily.


2. Get your daily dose of adequate sleep

Sleep deprivation in college and university students is a recurring problem. While researchers suggest that students should sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night for improved cognitive functions, the reality is far from this ideal. Due to assignment burden, most students can barely sleep for more than 4-5 hours every day. Unfortunately, this can affect your concentration and force you to buy assignments online.

Moreover, lack of sleep for a prolonged period can cause severe mental and physical distress. So, it's best to plan out a schedule where you can sleep adequate hours and concentrate on your studies more.


3. Sneak in an hour of a gaming session

Some studies show that an hour of gaming session once in a while can improve a student’s Visual Selective Attention (VSA). While researchers haven’t conducted extensive studies in this field, a 2017 review of studies exploring the effects of video gaming on cognitive abilities and a 2018 study concluded that gaming helps improve students' concentration.

However, that's certainly not an invitation to spend most of your free time gaming non-stop. In that case, you'll always find yourself looking for professional Paper Help services to help you meet deadlines.


4. It’s okay to take a break!

It's time to realize that modern society has become so fast-paced that students always rush to avoid falling behind their peers. As a result, concentration can become frayed when you’re too anxious about completing your papers or worried about your grades.

So, whenever you feel your concentration slip, take a mental break. Even though this might seem counterproductive, a small break of 10 to 15 minutes can work wonders. You can take a quick walk outside, stretch your muscles, brew coffee, or take a power nap to energize yourself.

Following these tactics when you study will surely help you improve your concentration abilities. However, this won't happen overnight. So hiring a professional academic service is your best shot if you're looking for quick results.

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