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 While trading for Mayfield does not provide any foresight ahead of Madden 23 coins what is the richest QB draft in recent times However, there's one possibility in which this might be a positive for the Panthers although it remains to be seen if Carolina has a real plan.

Before we dive into the ways this deal can be a good idea make it clear that I'm still not thrilled with itfor the reasons I mentioned in May. I don't see there being any advantages to trading Mayfield for the Panthers. They're arguably the worst team that's in the NFC South, and Baker surely isn't going to help Carolina to be able to beat the Buccaneers to win the division title as well as in the NFC will be no different. The NFC is one of the most infamous gruesome row, particularly with regard to the NFC West, that it's difficult to envision that a wildcard is imminent. If, in fact, this is the sauce that will put it all together, it's a win for the team. is having to pay Baker the biggest contract possible for him to stay based on an insignificant sample size or lose him for nothing.

However, what this will do makes the Panthers look interesting in 2022 when we take the assumption they were never going to play Corral in his rookie season. The team is probably discussing "open competition" for the time being however when the primary obstacle is a subpar Sam Darnold that has already proved that he isn't "the guy," any pretense of there actually being any kind of QB competition is for posterity to remember. In 2021. this was a 5-12 team, and with Mayfield they could be ... I'm not sure, maybe 8-9?

If we believe that Mayfield will always be the starting quarterback, that's where this can get intriguing. The Panthers recruited Ben McAdoo as their new quarterback to run the offense. At first, it was an odd choice that looked like it was bound to face similar issues as when it was in New York. McAdoo prefers to run an open, kind of West Coast shotgun passing base which requires quick decision-making by the quarterback, as well as athletic ability to gain yards from the ground when it's flushed from the pocket. A statuesque, old Eli Manning was the perfectly not the right quarterback for this scheme -- in the same way that a statuesque Darnold doesn't fit.

You know who does fit? Baker Mayfield, and Matt Corral. It's serious galaxy brain mental gymnastics to imagine Carolina was adamant about Corral as one of the best players in their franchise and yet was waiting until the third round to trade with him and take him. Envisioning this team is playing chess like that doesn't give the team the credit it deserves. However, there is a glimmer of outside hope Corral could be something truly special.

NBC Sports' Chris Simms reported Chris Simms of NBC Sports Corral as the No. #1 QB for the 2022 draft, noting his quick release and athleticism are uncommon traits, while also stating that he needed time to grasp Madden NFL 23 offensive principles. The thing that makes Simms' case impressive is the fact that he is the only draft analyst who was 100% certain that Josh Allen being the best QB from the 2018 draft, and vastly preferring him over Mayfield and Darnold. It's only one person's opinion, but if Simms and the Panthers are right and Corral could develop into a buy mut coins madden 23 player, then his choice will be an impressive win.

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