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This kind of app give you different type of clips and videos. When you get entertainment on Screen, my opinion is that you should download and install of this application of your mobile.

Tik Tok 18 not only provide local also give you all over the world News, Clips, and entertainment. If you can go on this app first you introduce himself then go on and find easy environment.



Her TikTok account currently has 18.2 million followers and 736.1 million likes. Apart from sharing her videos on TikTok, the American content creator also uploads her content on social media platforms such as YouTube, where she has been posting various content, such as comedic videos.


Tik Tok 18

- These are the things that the stores don't want you to know. - We are going to determine if these four stores and the tips that we have been told by Tik Tok are actually a hack or just whack. - 2021 What a time to be alive. - I feel like I'm part of this game. - Clearly. It's whack. Hey guys. Welcome to clevver style - and Welcome to anyone who is very addicted to Tik Tok ,Just like we are - recently we have come across some shopping tips or hacks, if you will, determined to make shopping even easier. And these are the things that the stores don't want you to know. - They don't want you to know - you don't even know - and shopping plus Tik Tok equals obv something we had to investigate here at Clevver. - So basically we're putting on our fashion, detective hats, as we do. And we are going to determine if these four stores and the tips that we have been told by Tik Tok are actually a hack or just whack –

The four stores we are shopping at today are Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart and Zara. - and As we're going through these stores and trying out all these hacks, let us know, one if you've tried the hack. And two, if you have a better hack, just drop it down in the comments because we need to know - life hackin baby. (Emphatic music) - Mondays items for babies, children, and electronics, Tuesdays women's clothing and home items. Wednesday's food, health and beauty. Men's clothes, toys, and gardening.


Thursday is sporting goods and luggage, Fridays, cosmetics, jewelry, hardware auto, and home improvement. - Certain days have certain sales we're here on a Wednesday. So according to this Tik Tok, food, health and beauty men's clothes, toys, and gardening should all be on sale. We obviously went straight to food. There was the widest variety of things on sale. The coffee was really, really well-priced. If you bought two, they were like 6.50. Remember we got so many drinks. –

I got a three-pack of LaCroix for 10 bucks. I know Shanita hates LaCroix like to the fiery pits of hell - Barfed, Barfed all over it. - You know what get outta here good and gather. - On sale, 2.99, same exact price as this trash. - Yeah but does it say three for 10, like that's way more exciting verbage. - Okay, because it's three for nine, saved a dollar - Because they're lame. - It seems like every single type of beverage was on sale. - Yeah Beverages Slapped, food was medium. –

One of the Biggest sales I saw was almond butter because Justin, what the F is in your almost butter its expensive, as hell today, It's on sale for 6.79. That's a $1.50 off. It's almost worth it. I will get this. - We went to the refrigerated section and I noticed a bunch of yogurt was on sale. Not the one I usually get.

So I was a little bummed out, but I know you lucked out. You got some goodies - I got milk cookies they were Two for five Bucks. - Next we've ventured over into the health and beauty section. We steered away from makeup. Cause we did see makeup was on a different day. So beauty to us meant more like wellness, hair stuff. - Hair stuff we thought maybe. - I noticed a couple of boxes of tampons on sale. They were not necessarily a sale. They were like buy two, get a gift card back. - A hundred percent organic unscented, chlorine, pesticides, and fragrance free, plant based, plant based tampon 2021 what a time to be alive the incentive I think for health and beauty for them, isn't as strong.



You know, you have like a year and a half before something can not be used anymore. So I feel like that's why there was a lot more gift card sales. To me, it didn't look like it was on sale. It looked like you were going to get a gift card back for spending money. Here's a target gift card, which is a great incentive. But that to me is not a sale. - Do you guys stink? Not to worry. The native deodorant is on sale. It looks like you saved 99 cents Each. When you buy two, you save a dollar. If native is like a brand you love come on a Wednesday. We went through the men's section. Nothing was on sale, - not a single thing, - not really a let down. Cause like what do we care? So we kept it moving, went straight to the toys section. - We came up in the toy section. - We did - We got some Nerf guns and yes, we will be attacking all of our coworkers with them. - This "nerfnite" Fortnite gun was 36.99 is now 18.49. Look how much fun they're having that could be us. You had to like chase me away from this Barbie section.

 It was like cheerleader, like, barbie, brats heads. - Yeah the were so creepy. - But they were on sale, I was like, - Yeah And they looked into your soul. Like this. (creepy child laughter) - Legos we're like also on sale. - Dude the Lego sets were so good. The big Lego sets. So like the architecture sets where you can build like the empire state building or the millennium Falcon. And they were like 20 to $40 off. And those are the ones that everyone gets for gifts. So we're coming up on the holidays. Maybe go check it out next time and see if Wednesday is a great day for you to go and get some of those really big Christmas type Toys. - Such good advice. –

Thank you. - Thank you. - By the time summer's over in school has started all of target and really every store is like, oh my God, we need to start preparing for all the holidays that are months and months away. So they get rid of all the gardening stuff. So when we went there, it was shoved in a corner, which is really rude, -brass tacks - There was like one bag bag of soil there like six planters. I bought like four of them. There were things on sale, but they didn't even care to put the red tag. This was $30.50 and it's not on sale for 26.99, but it's not red. I have to do some investigations. So overall I'm going to say for the most part, this was Whack because to me, I feel like target has sales all the time. The only thing that really impressed me was the food. And maybe some of the toys stuff. - I thought it was a whack. I like was bored. I was like, this just I'm a target. Like the sales weren't anything worth it to me to even like really dive through, It was just a wacky. - WHACK! – Tik Tok 18  going to find your product on the bottom. Normally where the, where the barcodes are, there's going to be something called a batch number, which is this long number right here. So what you do is you're going to go into the cosmetic calculator, select the brand, which mine's olay then you hit done Then you're going to enter in the batch code. Okay? Calculate. This says it was made in 2011. This product is almost 10 years old and they're trying to sell it to you. Don't get scammed. - All right, you are gunna go to this website checkcosmetics.net. And then you enter in the batch number found by the barcode.

And it will tell you whether or not it is expired. So we went to TJ. maxx, we really went hard at the cosmetic section obviously. And it was pretty surprising. We saw a ton of brands that we already knew and loved like really expensive brands you find at Sephora and Ulta, This is Bobby Brown bronzing powder, I'm actually-, Bobby Brown is a great brand. I always forget about them. - I have This Mac travel exclusive, mini lipsticks that's like legit they'll tackle you if you try to steal it - we grabbed a bunch. And then we got outside up first, we have the cover FX, powerplay concealer.

We bought this for $6 - steal - and we realized very quickly that not every single brand we bought was on the dropdown menu - Cover fx is not one of the brands on here. We probably should check that before we shop for the products but you know learning - Its okay you watch us to learn our lesson - What a teachable moment. - We actually had a few items that were on it. At first we had Mac cosmetics. This was a travel size lipstick pack for five lipsticks. There are a lot of codes on these packages. So when you drop down the Mac like little option, the code is actually for these going to be just a three digit little code at the bottom of each lipstick. - There's also a three digit code on the bottom of this box, as well as at the end, it was manufactured November of 2019. It's general shelf life is 36 months. So three years from that time, meaning that this product is now valid for at least the next 14 months. –



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