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To begin, the game is now offering a level 58 character upgrade, designed with the goal to be an option for those who haven't played WoTLK Classic Gold but want to take part in The Burning Crusade, along with a digital edition with a mount which was which was not available previously in WoW WoTLK Classic.

Endgame content such as raids will be released in stages, with only certain items available for download at the time of launch. This is a significant change from earlier versions of Burning Crusade, where most of the game's content was accessible right from the start however it was being locked behind a lengthy and complex attunement process. The game's arena rating and matchmaking systems have been updated. the game's rating system for arenas and matchmaking systems in order to make them more up-to-date, and although the game will run on the previous version The Burning Crusade, Blizzard has stated that it isn't looking for that the experience to turn out to be the cakewalk that Classic was destined to be. In the end players will need to face variants of the raid that were pre-nerfed bosses, at the very least in addition to various tweaks and changes were made to specific professions and items to ensure that even in this age of extensive data mining and guides this more than 15 years old content won't be an absolute slam dunk for players of today.

In terms of what's to come following The Burning Crusade Classic, Blizzard hasn't made any announcements. In an interview with IGN interview WoW director of games Ion Hazzikostas stated that there was no definitive plan but Blizzard was committed towards its cheap WoTLK Gold community in the long haul.

"It really will reflect what we've heard from the group, what they're planning to accomplish, and how they see the next phase of them," Hazzikostas said. "And there are a number of alternatives to think about But first we need to get them in Outland. Let's ensure that the your experience is easy and everything is in order for them. Then we'll determine the next steps."

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