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Fildena Super Active (Fildena) belongs to the class of drugs called Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor, and it belongs to the group of medicines known as erectile dysfunction medication or impotence pills. It helps to achieve and maintain erection in men who have problems with erectile dysfunction (ED).

A few minutes before sexual activity, take this medicine as directed by your physician. You may take Fildena with or without food. However, you must not exceed one pill per day as prescribed by your doctor.


What is alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is defined as drinking or using alcohol in a way that leads to problems. Alcohol use can range from using alcohol occasionally to use of alcohol on a daily basis. The level of alcohol use that is considered moderate varies for each person, but for most men, moderate intake would be no more than two drinks per day and no more than 14 drinks per week.

For women, it would be one drink per day and seven drinks per week. If you are worried about your drinking habits and think they may fall into the category of abuse or dependence, talk to your doctor about treatment options. It is never too late to get help!


Statistics on harmful effects of alcohol

A lot of people don't realize that alcohol abuse can have a lot of negative effects on their health, including the size and strength of their erection. When you drink, the blood in your body becomes diluted because alcohol is stored in your liver. So instead of going to vital organs and muscles for energy, it ends up around the stomach because it's looking for food.

As a result, this means there isn't enough blood flow to penile tissue so the erection might not be as strong or last as long. It also makes it more difficult for blood vessels to get hard when they need to.


Harmful effect on erectile dysfunction

The use and abuse of alcohol can have many adverse effects on your overall health, especially when it comes to your sexual health. Alcohol affects libido by reducing testosterone production and erection ability by damaging blood vessels and nerve endings in the penis.

Many people who drink heavily also experience impotence. Thus, you are more likely to not get an erection when you're drinking alcohol than when you're sober. Other side effects of alcohol include premature ejaculation and impotence.


Why you should avoid alcohol in treatment process

Excessive alcohol use can have severe effects on your health, including ED. This is because when you drink alcohol excessively and quickly the intoxication from the alcohol causes your stomach to produce more stomach acid.

When this happens it can cause damage to the stomach lining and lower esophageal sphincter, which are both things that need to work in order for erections to happen. Furthermore, alcohol can also affect blood flow to your penis by reducing nitric oxide production, which is a chemical that plays a role in producing an erection.

All these factors make it difficult for someone who has been drinking heavily to get an erection and maintain one.


Is taking Fildena Super Active safe while you are recovering from alcoholic binge

If you are going to drink, it is important that you take appropriate precautions. It is advisable to take a prescribed drug for erectile dysfunction as this will reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. These medicines should be taken at least an hour before any alcohol consumption and always used responsibly.

Fildena Super Active was shown to be more effective than its predecessor in delivering results up to 36 hours without the side effects that some men have reported with generic viagra. When taking these drugs, you need to make sure that your partner knows what your medical conditions are. You should also take them when your partner can't watch over you so they know when to call for help if something goes wrong. Visit to order online.

Lastly, if you are combining these drugs with recreational use of alcohol (or anything else), please consult a physician first because they may not be safe while recovering from alcoholism or other substance abuse disorder.


What if I can't stop drinking completely?

You may be able to cut back. It's up to you how much alcohol you drink, but cutting back a little can help your erection. Cutting back can also make it easier for you to stop drinking completely later on. If you know how much alcohol is enough for your body, then it should be easier to choose the right amount and stick to it.

There are a lot of reasons why people might need to reduce their drinking or stop altogether, like taking care of kids or going to work every day. The best way to figure out if this is something that will work for you is by talking about it with someone you trust. That person might be your doctor, family member, friend or other loved one who will support you in whatever decision you make.


Effective treatments for erectile dysfunction caused by alcohol abuse.

There are many effective treatments for erectile dysfunction caused by alcohol abuse. The first step is to see a doctor and evaluate if the prescription medication for erectile dysfunction (such as Viagra) is right for you. It can be taken as needed when sexual stimulation occurs, but it may not work without sexual stimulation. A doctor can also prescribe other medications such as Cialis or Levitra that should be taken every day at least 30 minutes before sexual activity. These are often more expensive than Viagra, but they don't require any sort of triggers to work and last longer than Viagra does.

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