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 Niclosamide is used to treat tapeworm infections such as large or fish tapeworm, dwarf tapeworm, and beef tapeworm.




Niclosamide 500mg tablet can also be used to treat other tapeworm infections if your doctor recommends it. It is ineffective against other forms of worm infections (for example, pinworms or roundworms)


Niclosamide Uses


·         Niclosamide is aged among the therapy over insect infections.


How Niclosamide works


Niclosamide is an Anthelmintic medication. It manufactory through murder tapeworms as cause infection. The killed worms are then surpassed in the stool.


Common facet consequences of Niclosamide


·         Nausea, Vomiting, Upset stomach




·         You bear been true Niclosig 500mg according to deal with a range on parasitic worm infections.

·         It must stay performed along food.

·         Do now not crush, chew, yet damage the tablet. Swallow that whole together with a complete glass of water.

·         It can stand hazardous after a false baby. Do no longer bust that throughout pregnancy. Use start government measures to forestall being pregnant while arrival Niclosamide.

·         Your physician may additionally display thy blood counts then courage feature earlier than thou begin receiving this medicine or regularly during you treatment.

·         Avoid existence close to people anybody are ailing or have infections. Inform thin doctor proviso thou increase signs and symptoms of infection.

·         Do not omit doses then finish the prescribed course, even proviso thou start in accordance with experience better. Stopping such before long might also expand thy chance about in addition infection.



Niclosamide 500mg tablet


Q. Is Niclosamide effective?

Niclosamide is effective if old into the dose or duration recommended by means of you doctor. Do not end receiving it too if thou confer enchancment of your condition. If thou give up the usage of Niclosamide too early, the signs and symptoms might also return then worsen.


Q. Are at that place any specific contraindications related including the use over Niclosamide?

The makes use of over Niclosamide is contraindicated of sufferers together with known hypersensitive reaction in imitation of someone lousy substances concerning that medicine, then postulate thou are struggling beyond asthma. Tell you doctor in relation to every on thy scientific stipulations earlier than arrival the medicine.


Q. What are the directions because tanager or adjustment of Niclosamide?

Keep it medicine in the basket yet tie such got here in, tightly closed. Store it as like stated of the plan or label. Dispose about the unutilized medicine. Make sure it is not bump off by pets, adolescents or sordid people.


Q. What condition I overlook in conformity with receive a dose about Niclosamide?

If thou neglect a dose about Niclosamide, smoke it as quickly as much you remember. However, salvo it is almost era for you next dose, bypass the ignored dose then drink the next scheduled dose in the true time. Do no longer duplicate the dose in conformity with fulfill on because of the ignored one as it may also make bigger the chances over increasing side effects.


Q. Is Niclosamide safe?

Niclosamide is safe proviso back among the dose yet length counseled by way of thy doctor. Take that exactly as like directed yet operate now not omit some dose. Follow you doctor's guidelines carefully or pass thine health practitioner understand if somebody over the side results hassle you.



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